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About Princeton Massachusetts

Princeton is a small town in Central Massachusetts with a population of 3,413. It’s an hour and 15 minute drive to Boston and about a half hour drive to Worcester. Princeton has access to route 190 which connects to 290.

Watch John and Anthony discuss 3 homes for sale in Princeton:

[toggle_content title=”On The Slopes in Princeton”]

It’s time to go on the market as we sit here on the slopes with “Wa-Wachusett.” John and Anthony from Lamacchia Realty , either of you want to sing that jingle?

I was just going to ask you.

No I’ll let Anthony do that

We have to get to the bottom of whether it’s Wa Wachusett or Wa Wa Wa Wachusett? How many Wa’s are in there?

I think it’s the latter.

I thought it was just the two so we’re going to clarify that later. Meanwhile John obviously you’re back and it’s great to see you because the complaint letters were coming in: too much Anthony! Too much Lamacchia! Where’s the other guy?

I heard the ratings just tanked.

We needed you back so that’s just good to see.

I’m here so let’s right the ship here.

This kid is addicted to skiing like to hear it.

Coming here to ski at Wachusett, great place.

Why don’t we get him on the skis we got the jump right over there

Any time of year I can’t have him with broken legs.

And somebody has to work.

That’s true someone’s got to pay the bills. So let’s do that because we’re out here in Central Mass a lot of people in Boston watching right now don’t know this beautiful area. I know it well because I grew up out here.

Princeton’s a great town, obviously Wachusett is a great ski area, that’s kind of the big thing out here. The average priced homes out here for a single family is $270,000. Small town, so population is 3,500.

The thing I love about the real estate out here among other things the nature and all that, you get land with these houses—you get space. You want a dog, you come live out here because those dogs can run wild.

All these houses that we’re talking about got at least an acre.

Let’s get started.

First one is 90 Bullard Rd. And as we were talking about this is on over 2 acres. You’re getting over 3000 square feet. It’s listed as a contemporary but it’s more like a colonial farm house, well updated, hardwood floors, it’s got an arch studio which I know you’re very creative,

It’s like a man-cave!

So you can do your pottery, your sculpting,

My ping pong table I think is more in line with me, we’ll hold on the pottery for now.

I’m just trying to give you a little creative outlet. So once again a great opportunity here, it’s listed for 350,000. This same home, like we talked about back with Top 3 Towns, Westwood, this same home in Westwood would go for $8-900,000. So you’re definitely getting a lot of bang for your buck.

As the ads tell you, you’re not that far from Boston here. Just jump on Route 2. Boom you’re right there.

It took about an hour to get here. So next one is 85 Main Street on for $450,000, it’s a 3,200 square foot house, built in 1870. The nice thing about this house is they did a lot of remodeling, but they kept a lot of the old world charm, for example, the hardwood floors. It’s pretty to cool to have a home that has the original hardwood floors , 4 bedrooms, 2 and a half baths, Shannon will love this, I hope she’s listening, 2 islands in the kitchen.

Oh nice.

The way she’s eating right now as she comes down the home stretch she needs the 2 islands.


We had her at Bobby’s Burgers Palace the other day.

Shannon I’m not getting into that.

Am I right? Shannon’s backing me up on that fact. God bless her you gotta get the nutrients down the little Shannon there.

She’s eating for two. That is true.

By the way, the way you sell this house, the only thing I’d add is the brook off the back absolutely love it .

That’s right big back deck looking at the brook. So it’s real nice.

Your own little waterfall. Who has that anymore? But you can get that out here in Princeton. Tell me about number 3 now John, you we’ve had way too much Lamacchia.

I’m still recovering over the Shannon comments. You get away with murder.

She’s got like one week to go, you’re eating.

She always says the girl loves her island, not islands.

You guys started me on this it never happened when Anthony was solo John maybe you’re the one. Quickly tell me about number 3.

Ok so last but not least 106 Houghton Rd. this one’s on for $520,000. Which is a little higher for Princeton, but you’re getting a tremendous amount of land. You get almost 4 acres. 3500 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 6 burner stove, in ground pool, you have a huge barn that’s heated.

You had me at in ground pool.


You want it?

So everything you can imagine this home has. This is a perfect compound type mini estate.

I see the Mulaires growing up in a house like that, little Shannons. John and Anthony great to see you guys and you got the family up on the slopes.


What Makes Princeton a Great Town to Live In?

Princeton is located at the base of Wachusett Mountain, where we were for the On the Slopes segment with the newscasters from Fox 25 Morning News. Wachusett Mountain is the highest point in Massachusetts east of the Connecticut River and the Ski Area is the largest in eastern Massachusetts.  Visitors can hike or drive to the summit for great panoramic views of Mount Monadnock in New Hampshire, the Berkshires to the west, and the Boston skyline to the east. Activities at the mountain include hiking, nature study, hawk watching, picnicking, and of course, skiing and snowboarding in the wintertime.

On the Slopes at Wachusett Mountain

John, Elizabeth Hopkins from Fox 25 Morning News, Anthony, and Adam at Wachusett Mountain

Wachusett Mountain is one of the most accessible ski resorts in the area. On Saturdays and Sundays during ski season, skiers and snowboarders can take the commuter rail from Boston’s North Station to nearby Fitchburg, where they can take a shuttle directly to the mountain. Wachusett Mountain in is also home to several festivals in summer and fall including the Folk Festival and the New England Barbeque Festival.

Princeton is also home to the Wachusett Meadow Wildlife Sanctuary on Goodnow Road. There are twelve miles of trails at Wachusett Meadow and in addition to hiking, visitors can go snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and canoeing.

There are several great dining options in Princeton. The Mountain Barn offers casual dining and live music. For fine dining, Princeton is home to Sonoma Restaurant which was named the 2012 Diners’ Choice Winner by Mount Wachusett Ski Area has its Black Diamond restaurant for pub-style dining as well as the Coppertop Lounge for appetizers, local brews, and live music.

Princeton is served by the Wachusett Regional School District. Children in kindergarten through grade 8 attend the Thomas Prince School, and grades 9 through 12 attend Wachusett Regional High School. Students who opt for a technical education can attend Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School.

The average price for a home in Princeton $268,699.

Do You Live in Princeton?

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