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About Newbury New Hampshire

Newbury is a small town located in Merrimack County, New Hampshire. It’s an hour and 45 minute drive from Boston, and about an hour drive to Manchester-Boston Regional Airport. Route 103 passes through Newbury, and the town is close to interstate 89. The population of Newbury is 2,072.

Watch Anthony discuss 3 homes for sale in Newbury:

[toggle_content title=”Anthony Shows 3 Homes for Sale in Newbury NH”] We are on the slopes and it’s time to go on the market with Anthony Lamacchia of McGeough and Lamacchia Realty John is off again this week.

Well as I said last week someone has to work

And he is the one doing it luckily he’s not the only one sick

Yeah I’m getting better I don’t feel as bad as I sound

This is your area by the way you love skiing up here

I love skiing at Sunapee I’ve come here more than any other mountain it’s a lot of fun snow’s always good and it’s great during the week especially

Well I think we should toast to Sunapee!

Fine by me

All right cheers, that’s good. With that being said let’s talk about the market up here because we’ve got some really nice really high end places to look at

We do. Newbury New Hampshire- a great town, obviously Lake Sunapee and Mount Sunapee is the big deal around here. Lake Sunapee’s got 7 beaches, 3 lighthouses, and all these properties that we’re going to talk about are actually on the lake

That’s where Steven Tyler grew up right? Didn’t his grandparents live here?

I’m not sure.

Yeah his grandparents had a place up here on the lake I believe.

Ok, well average home price for this town is actually $350,000 but like last week we’re going to talk about properties on the higher end.

Oh when you see the views on these places, the first one right off the bat.

Very nice homes, first one is on Bay Point Road, it’s on for $1.3 milliion it’s a 3 bedroom 4 bathrooms, a lot of cathedral ceilings, stone fireplace, again, it’s right on the water, a really nice home, on for $1.3 million so might be one you’d want to buy.

Yeah except the President and the Governor got their hands in my pockets at the moment. Otherwise I’d be in!

Maybe one of these other ones let’s try again

When we get to the third one then you really got my attention.

Third one is real nice but this one is too it’s 50 Highland Ave  on for $1.6 million the front picture does it absolutely no justice, it’s a 5000 square foot home, real tall cathedral ceilings again, full glass looking out to the lake which is gorgeous, a dock for 2 boats

Which is nice.

Absolutely, deck sitting right there so you can look out on the water.

3 and a half baths on this one I like too because if you’ve got a place like this and you’ve got the boats you’re bringing people up and they don’t need to be using Daddy’s bathroom.

Maybe after drinking. All right last but not least, this is the one I think you’ll like.

By the way after drinking you’re referencing my hot chocolate in the snifter, I assume

Yes, 29 Lakewood Manor Road on for $1.9 million this house is awesome, cathedral ceilings much more than normal it has over 20 foot ceilings,

It’s like Notre Dame cathedral

Again lakefront, this one has beautiful appliances, sub zero, red birch floors, I thought that was interesting, so it has all the regular things you hear about you know, the special appliances, the hardwood floors, all that stuff but it also has interesting things like I said 2 fireplaces, red birch floors, and extra tall ceilings, so a really nice home, stone fireplace,

Tell us about the area, what is it you like about Sunapee in particular that keeps you coming back?

You know I don’t want to mention other ski resorts, but a lot of them get too crowded, this place has a good crowd but it’s not so much that it’s overwhelming, the snow’s great here always here, all the time, go up and down all day and have a good time

And it’s an hour and a half from Boston. It literally is.

Yes I left at about 6 this morning, and I was here about 7:35.

That’s nice.

So nice place and I’m going to go out and probably go down about a handful of times and that’s about it for today because I’m not feeling good.

That reminds me, you should have another sip of a hot beverage. Hey by the way how about the fact that I went through the whole interview without mentioning your wife’s gazpacho?

It’s ok, you can mention her.

That’s just for Chris Wallace,

Oh and quickly, website address, if people want to look at these properties or any other properties?, Anthony it’s great to see you as always.


What Makes Newbury a Great Town to Live in?

Newbury is home to Mount Sunapee Ski Resort, where we were at the On the Slopes segment with the newscasters from Fox 25 Morning News. Mount Sunapee State Park is a major recreation area in the region offering year-round activities. In the winter, Mount Sunapee offers skiing, snowboarding, and lessons. In the summer, the resort offers canopy zip line tours, a treetop obstacle course, off-road Segway PT excursions, miniature and disc golf, and trails for hiking.

One of the main attractions in Newbury is beautiful Lake Sunapee.  It’s an ideal spot for fishing, boating, and swimming. There are seven beaches at Lake Sunapee including Mount Sunapee State Park beach and six boat ramps to access the lake. Lake Sunapee also has picnic areas, a refreshment stand, boat rentals, and three lighthouses on the National register.

The Fells Historic Estate and Gardens is located in Newbury. Situated on a nearly 1,000-acre hillside overlooking scenic Lake Sunapee, the grounds include a several easy hiking totaling nearly five miles. The Fells offers rotating art and history exhibits in the Main House and is a popular spot for weddings. Newbury is also home to the New Hampshire Craftsmen’s Fair, a nine-day event that showcases the work of more than 350 local craftspeople. This year the fair will be held from 10AM to 5PM August 3 to 11, 2013, at the Mount Sunapee Resort. The fair also features musicians, entertainers, and comedy performers.  Another popular tourist attraction is the Bell Cove Historic Caboose Museum. This museum is the site of the original railroad line which ran from Concord to Claremont, New Hampshire from the 1870s to the 1950s. The antique caboose features an extensive collection of railroad memorabilia.

Residents of Newbury enjoy going to Bubba’s Bar and Grille on Newbury Harbor for family-style lunch and dinner. Mount Sunapee Resort also offers several dining options including Goosefeathers Pub, which features live music on weekends.

Newbury is served by the Kearsarge Regional school system that includes Kearsarge Regional Middle School, High School, and Simonds Elementary School.

The average price for a home in Newbury is $354,113.

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