Owning property is more than just an emotional endeavor. Additionally, it’s a financial choice that could pay off as you accumulate equity in your house and witness your property value rise over time. The neighborhood in which your property is located, the housing demand in the area, and the state of the economy all impact how quickly this property value will rise. However, homeowners can also contribute and have an ongoing impact on the value of their homes. By making upgrades that enhance the house’s appearance, sellers can justify a more excellent selling price. These changes don’t have to be massive renovation projects, as there are plenty of easy and cost-effective things homeowners can do to increase their property’s value.

Here are some simple ways to add value to your property that will pay off when it’s time to sell. 

Upgrade the Finishes in Your Home 

Little upgrades may influence buyers more than extensive changes. Given the inexpensive nature of this improvement, many real estate professionals praise the benefits of a new coat of paint. You can paint the exterior or interior walls, the trim around your windows, built-in cabinets, door frames, and so much more! You’d be surprised as to how many areas in your home could be brought back to life with a small paint job. Refinishing your floors can also have a significant positive impact on the home’s value. If you have hardwood, take the time before you sell to get it refished and gleaming before potential buyers come by. If you have old carpet, rip it up now and invest in a replacement, whether it’s new carpet or a different flooring material. If you’re satisfied with the current carpet you have, it can still benefit from a good steam clean.

Replace Outdated Appliances 

Take a look around your house and carefully assess the quality and functionality of all your appliances. How old are the stove and dishwasher? Does the washer and dryer need an upgrade? Are there any leaky faucets? These factors contribute heavily to a buyer’s opinion of your home, and having new and/or upgraded appliances will make it much more valuable!

While you own the property, making energy-efficient changes can save money on your utility bills. These improvements will also boost the home’s attraction to homebuyers when it comes time to sell it. Many are looking for energy-efficient appliances and features to minimize their expenditures as homeowners. 

Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal 

Did you know that landscaping can add up to 15% to your home’s value? In the winter, make sure your driveway and walkway are shoveled to allow easy access for showings. You can also display tasteful winter decorations on your door or porch, or even install inviting outdoor lights. When spring and summer roll around, fresh mulching and new plants can help your property create a terrific first impression in landscaping. When the leaves change, be sure to keep up with raking and overall yard cleanup. Many of these enhancements can be made on your own and don’t cost much. This aesthetic impact will affect evaluators of homes as well as prospective buyers.  

Renovate Your Bathroom and Kitchen 

If you’re looking to embark on a home improvement project and are unsure of what space to upgrade, the best approach to add value to your home is to renovate the bathroom and kitchen. According to many real estate professionals, the bathrooms and kitchens are the rooms that sell homes. A complete bathroom or kitchen renovation frequently provides a 100% or higher return on your investment. 

Before Marketing Your Home, Declutter and Clean It 

cleaning supplies and mopA deep decluttering and cleaning can go a long way whether you’re selling your property or getting it appraised. When prospective buyers enter a home, they want to envision themselves living in the space. It poses more of a challenge to do so if the home is chock full of clutter. Take a weekend to go through each room and sell, donate, or throw out any items that no longer serve a purpose. As for cleaning, invest time into cleaning your baseboards, dusting and vacuuming, giving the floor an excellent mop, and scrubbing appliances – it can make a huge difference when it comes time for home staging and listing photos!

Replace the Garage Door of Your Home 

Think about the outside of your house. If you have a garage door, it likely takes up a large space on your home’s exterior. A low-quality garage door can be an absolute eyesore and distracting from the property’s overall curb appeal. Replacing the garage door may seem optional, but it is actually one of the best investments you can make to gain money. 

Enhance the Windows 

Windows will draw the attention of potential buyers more than other parts of the house, and they would immediately convey how well-cleaned and maintained the remaining of the home is. Give them a good cleaning if you have quick access to them. You may also want to consider replacing blinds, shades, or window treatments to give them even more of a boost.

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