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Sharlynna Luong

Sharlynna Luong




Sharlynna Luong grew up in Lowell, Massachusetts.  She was born in Vietnam and spent half of her childhood in the beautiful countryside.  Her best memories of her hometown were being able to explore nature and play in the vegetable fields, everywhere she went was by foot or bicycle.  Her dad sponsored her whole family to move to America in the 90s.  The culture, food, language, and people were very different and unique to her.  Adjusting in a new country and place was hard but she didn’t take long to adapt and learn.  English was her most challenging subject in school and it was completely new to her but she was able to tackle it within a year.  Sharlynna went to school her whole life in this historic mill city of Lowell. She loved art and majored in Graphic Design.  She received her Bachelor’s Degree and worked for 9 years as a graphic designer in Waltham at a small jewelry shop.  She then became a mom to a beautiful girl and wanted to do something that could give her family a better life.  Real Estate allows her to balance her time with family and work.  She loves guiding her clients to find new homes and also make friends along the way.  Sharlynna’s goal is to to be able to expose her child to nature and travel around the world with her.  She has picked up swimming, rock climbing, obstacle course, kayaking and looks to explore more new activities.

Outside of Work I Enjoy:

“I enjoy rock climbing, swimming, hiking, biking, camping, gardening, and traveling.”

Do You Have a Favorite Charity?

“My favorite charity is MSPCA.”

Do You have Any Pets?

“I have an orange Tabby cat.”

My Favorite Sports:

“My favorite sports team are the Green Bay Packers.”

Favorite Part of My Job:

“My favorite part of this job is getting to help people find their dream home!”



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