Wednesday May 10th 2023, Jackie Louh the Chief Operating Officer of Lamacchia Realty announced at monthly company updates that Shane Bronson has officially been promoted to Regional Vice President of Florida for Lamacchia Realty and maintain his current title of VP of Relocation. This also lands Shane an official spot on the company’s Executive team. This comes five years after Shane first joined Lamacchia Realty as the Vice President of Relocation.

Shane has over 25 years of experience as a real estate professional and is highly regarded in the relocation industry where he worked for over 10 years. In his five-year tenure so far at Lamacchia, Shane’s experience made him immeasurably helpful in the company’s overall growth and development. He has also assisted with some of the intricacies and remaining finite details that were involved in converting the company from a team model to a brokerage model, a process that began in 2015. His knowledge of the overall industry was apparent in all aspects of his involvement in the company.

As VP of Relocation Shane, along with Sarah Hatch, the company’s Relocation Director, grew the Relocation Department 75%-100% every year since he joined, to the point that Lamacchia was reported to be the fastest-growing Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® affiliate in 2021. Sarah will continue to handle the day to day of the Relocation Department and is already increasing her oversight of the department and managing the relationships with multiple Relocation Management Companies. Shane will maintain his connection to the department and the industry as Sarah transitions into her larger role.

All of Lamacchia Realty’s branch locations have benefited from Shane’s extensive skill set, but in particular the Fort Lauderdale, Florida office since its launch in 2020 as Shane has trained agents, helped build relationships with other ancillary industry professionals, leveraged our affiliation with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World to network and build market share.  These contributions are largely why he has been selected to be the new Regional Vice President in Florida and double down on efforts to help agents’ grow their businesses and build upon their relationships with the South Florida community.

“Moving a valued real estate veteran who is on our Executive Team to Florida to be in charge of the region is all part of our determination to dramatically grow our company all over the state in the years to come. Since opening there three years ago, Shane has provided a tremendous amount of help with many of the details involved in the launch, not only from his relocation experience but Broker as well. As we decided that we needed a leader on the ground living there last fall, I immediately thought of Shane, not only because of his interest in moving there but more so because of this decades of experience, ability to build relationships with his charismatic approach to everyone. Jackie Louh, our COO, and Dave Karoly, our VP of Sales, both immediately agreed that this was a job for Shane! As Regional VP, Shane’s job will be to first lead our staff and agents in South Florida and then all over Florida in the years to come. I’m very confident in his ability and I have no doubt that he will succeed in this tremendous task.”
“I am absolutely thrilled to embark on this exhilarating journey of expanding Lamacchia Realty into the flourishing state of Florida! The opportunity to leverage Lamacchia's cutting-edge systems, unwavering agent support, comprehensive training, and unparalleled lead generation capabilities to empower agents in achieving their own success is so exciting I cannot contain my eagerness to be an integral part of this transformative process, to work alongside a dynamic team of professionals, and to make a lasting impact in the real estate industry in Florida."
“Shane is well equipped to take on this new role and he will be a huge part of growing our presence in South Florida and eventually throughout the state. The work he did, alongside Sarah Hatch, growing our Relocation Department was one of the determining factors in this decision. He brings a tremendous amount of expertise and knowledge to the table, and I am confident he will excel in this position and continue to contribute to the growth and success of this company. With Shane transitioning to this new role, I’m excited to have Sarah Hatch officially running the Relocation Department. Sarah is someone who continuously demonstrates a strong work ethic and I have complete confidence she will continue to do a fantastic job!"

With the addition of Shane truly focusing on this regional growth, Lamacchia anticipates even more exciting things to come out of South Florida in the future.  To learn more about Shane, click here.

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