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Scared to Sell?

Massachusetts housing inventory has been going lower, and lower, and lower! The biggest benefit of low inventory is that most homes are selling really fast and many times receive multiple offers for over the list price.  This is wonderful for sellers but can leave buyers feeling frustrated or even desperate to find a new home.

This has created a vicious circle of would be sellers who aren’t listing their homes for sale because they are scared they won’t find what they want.  All of these would be sellers standing still only creates less homes on the market which makes the problem worse!

Scared to Sell? Don’t Be, We Can Help!

We have the solution!

We have more buyers looking for homes than ever before. Our buyers are willing to do WHATEVER it takes to land the home they want!  This means you can negotiate all types of different scenarios with these buyers to help you get the equity payout you so desire while not putting your family on the street or ending up owning two homes.

Options include:

  • Buyer waiting to close until you find what you want.
  • Buyer buys your home so you can have your money in hand to buy but they allow you to stay for free until you buy your dream home.
  • And MUCH MORE!

Why Lamacchia Realty?

We currently have over 700 buyers that are desperately searching for homes and in most cases are willing to close on your time line! This means that they will allow you to stay in your current house until you are able to find the home of your dreams. CALL 855-510-7653 today and we will get the plans in place to get you the most money and the best situation for you and your family!


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Planning To Sell Your Home And Want The Most Money?

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In this book we explain all kinds of things like:

  • How to get your home ready to sell
  • Inexpensive things you can do to substantially increase your home’s value.
  • How to sell your home for the most money and close when YOU want to.