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Sacha Anastasio

Sacha Anastasio



Westford Office




Sacha grew up in Watertown, MA and spent 15 years on the South Shore in MA and has since recently moved to Meredith, NH in the Lakes Region along with her Husband and 3 children. “We have always vacationed up in Meredith and we found it always to be so beautiful that we never wanted to leave so we decided to move here permanently and LOVE it!”

She has had her Real Estate License for close to 15 years and has found that she enjoys working with both Buyers and Sellers.

Outside of Work, I Enjoy:

“Spending time with friends and family, watching all the different wildlife on our property and taking the dogs out in the yard to run around. We have a big yard so they really enjoy it and get lots of exercise. We live close to Lake Winnipesaukee so there are always fun things going on around town all year round. I also especially enjoy watching my kids participate in their activities. Whether it is football, lacrosse, soccer, basketball, or snowboarding down the mountain I love watching them having fun and being in the moment.”

Favorite Charity:

“My favorite charity is St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.”

Favorite Part of My Job:

“Whether my clients are Buying or Selling or doing both, my favorite part of my job is to be able to help my clients turn their dreams into a reality. I strive to make the process as pleasant and as smooth as possible. In order to do this I provide the knowledge and tools needed so that my clients can make informed and good decisions that they are confident to achieve their goals.”

Do you have any pets?

I have two dogs. Ryko, a German Shepherd, and Peluchi, a Chihuahua. Surprisingly they get along great!”

What are your favorite sports, and sports teams?

“I love all New England Sports but most of all I am a HUGE Patriots and Bruins Fan!!”



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