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See what our past clients have to say about their experiences with Lamacchia Realty:

Sylvia G.
Shrewsbury, MA

Aj Bruce was beyond helpful and extremely knowledgeable. He helped making my first home purchase an extremely easy experience. His professionalism and patience were impressive. I would highly recommend him to anyone, he was a pleasure to work with.

Vicki R.
Worcester, MA

AJ has been attentive to my needs as I look for an investment property. I can be difficult to work with, expecting an immediate response to all of my questions, and it is obvious that AJ doesn't sleep. He is awesome!

Tom G.
Worcester, MA

AJ Bruce has been such a great help in my search for a place in the Worcester area! Such a great guy with great knowledge of the market! Highly recommend him!

Cristin C.
Worcester, MA

Words cannot describe how great AJ Bruce is as a person and how he carries himself as a professional. AJ will always greet you with a smile on his face. He will be my go to realtor when I’m ready to buy my first home. I hope anyone looking for a realtor reaches out to AJ, you will not be disappointed.

Christos H.
Worcester, MA

Lamacchia Realty is a great locally owned & operated real estate company. I've known AJ Bruce for over 8 years and would highly recommend him for buying and selling your home! He's very outgoing, trustworthy, and hardworking and will go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction. He's also an all-around great guy!

Maggie N.
Southborough, MA

I have been looking into the idea of buying a home and Aj Bruce has been nothing short of amazing. I had so many questions and Aj never made me feel like I was overbearing. He listens to what I am looking for, what I like and what I don't like, and that is SO important. A patient realtor with the best personality. Can't wait to continue this journey with him and find my dream home! I would recommend him to anyone!

Megan W.
Burlington, MA

When choosing a real estate agent, you want someone who you can trust, someone who really understands what your needs are and someone who is going to do their very best for you. Alyssa Spear O’Grady possesses all of these qualities, and many others which we didn’t even realize were so important at the start. Not only did Alyssa ultimately help get us into our forever home, but she was literally on top of everything for us. She maintained a calm demeanor during what proved to be at times a nerve racking experience for me. She took the time to explain everything and make suggestions, but she never overstepped any boundaries. Alyssa was patient with my husband and me during our search and if he and I became frustrated or veered off course, Alyssa was always this pillar for us. She remained positive, listened to us and guided us in this way where she really helped us to realize exactly what it was that we were looking for. Alyssa was extremely thorough and prompt in returning calls/texts/ emails. Her correspondence always clear and carried a very friendly undertone, which made me feel extremely comfortable with her. Alyssa’s contacts were so important to us! She recommended our lending company, real estate lawyer, and inspector. They all were amazing to work with each one of them spoke very highly of Alyssa. So important. Alyssa’s warm and inviting personality helped us develop positive interpersonal relationships with all of these people. Even the seller and her agent enjoyed working with Alyssa. Her happy, pleasant manner had a positive impact on everyone. I really can’t say enough about how wonderful Alyssa is and my family and I feel so extremely fortunate for having had her on our side during our first home buying experience! She knew the ins and outs of the market, had the necessary tools in her contacts, and genuinely cared about helping to bring our dreams to fruition. Thank you, Alyssa!!

Chelsea A.
Sharon, MA

I've recently begun working with AJ and have been completely awed by his commitment to providing excellent customer service and making me feel as if I'm his only customer. I look forward to finding a place to call home with AJ.

Kara S.
Worcester, MA

Some people come into your life and truly change your it for the better.. I have known AJ for years and have to say that he has always been the sweetest, most supportive and all around most amazing person. I am so thankful for everything AJ has done for me. If you have the opportunity to work with him please take it, you won't regret it! Thank you so much!

Craig F.
Worcester, MA

AJ Bruce has been a great friend for years. Not only has he given great real estate advice, he has proven his dedication to this profession over the years and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell their home!

Nick P.
Shrewsbury, MA

Usually, it is a difficult process to secure a good tenant for a rental property. AJ Bruce however, made that stage a breeze! Thank you so much for all of your hard work and constant communication! My new tenant loves her place and is very happy. Thank you again!

Kerri S.
Shrewsbury, MA

Being new to the buying scene, there are a ton of questions that come to mind; what loan is right for me, what is my price range, where should I start looking, what are the steps from start to finish? All of these questions have been answered by Lamacchia's own AJ Bruce. I had mentioned in a conversation with AJ that I am thinking of buying a house within the next couple months and am not sure about the whole process. AJ sat down with me and went over the whole experience from getting pre-qualified to signing the pos to closing. I would like to take the time to thank AJ for educating me on the whole process and I cannot wait to continue my purchasing experience with him as my realtor!

Sarah S.
Worcester, MA

AJ is outgoing, hardworking, and always has a smile on his face!! I can't wait to work with him some day in the near future when I decide to buy my first house!!

Diane H.
Auburn, MA

AJ Bruce was great to work with in every way. He was always very responsive, kind and taught me something new! He really know his stuff and I look forward to working with him again in the future!

Katie Schenenga
Dorchester, MA

Shauna was positive and helpful throughout the process. She was very responsive to all of our questions and even got us a last minute showing on a property. She was hardworking and willing to go the extra mile for her clients.

Robbie Gibson
Plymouth, MA

I've known AJ for years and he does an amazing job. If you have any questions he has the answers and responds promptly. I highly recommend anyone working with AJ you will not be disappointed.

Nikki T.
Worcester, MA

AJ Bruce was so helpful and knowledgeable. He knew the neighborhoods inside and out and understood how important it was for us to find a house with almost everything on our wish list! Would definitely recommend using him for all your buying, selling, and renting needs!

Luis Ortiz
Lynn, MA

I worked with mark visco lamacchia realty to purchase our first home and really can’t say enough good things about him. he is knowledgeable, approachable, personable and incredibly generous with his time over the course of several months he answered every question and explained every form and every part of the process . working with mark visco made it as painless and straightforward as possible. We highly recommend him .thank you for all my wife and the kids are beyond happy with our new home.

Nikki Tessier
Worcester, MA

AJ Bruce really knows his stuff! Would highly recommend using him if your looking for an agent to help find you the perfect home!

Nikira Shah
Newton, MA

Me and my husband recently closed on a condo with Alyssa Spear O'Grady's help. She was absolutely incredible! She’s super-responsive, very timely and precise with her communication. She is super-patient with all your questions, and is always there when you need her. To say that she went above and beyond what’s expected of her would be an understatement - she even helped us get city permits for some external work that we needed done and gave us invaluable inputs as regards homeowner’s insurance, and utilities setup. She always provided us with the information to make decisions. Everything was always mine and my husband’s decision, and she would provide an input if we asked her, but she never pressurized us in any way. Her biggest contribution to us was making the entire process totally stress-free.

It was great fun working with her. She is impressively knowledgeable of the real estate market, and is always ready with answers to questions you may have. She is great to hang out with as well. She is everything we’d hoped our realtor would be and so much more!!! Completely Awesome. We highly recommend her!

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