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See what our past clients have to say about their experiences with Lamacchia Realty:

Keshia C.
Worcester, MA

I hear stories all the time of how difficult the process can be in buying a home, and so I while I was ready to take this step, I was nervous as to how stressful/complicated the process might be. Boy, was I wrong!!! From start to finish, Abby was AMAZING. She walked me through each step, from meeting with me and thoroughly explaining the entire buying process to getting me connected to all the listing out there (even ones that hadn't hit the market yet), to finding a mortgage company that would work best for me, to assisting with the home inspection and just so much more. She was always there to answer whatever questions I had. Even when I started getting nervous as I was outbid on the first two homes I was interested in, Abby reassured me that everything would be okay. She went back to the drawing board, restrategized, and in doing so found the perfect home (which I loved even more than the first two!). Furthermore, Abby's negotiations were impeccable! I was able to purchase below asking with the Seller paying closing costs and fixing a few items within the home. I just couldn’t have had a better experience. Thanks Abby!!!

Walter Harrington

“I have stayed with Lamacchia Realty because from day 1, Lamacchia Realty has provided a positive, upbeat, helpful environment with excellent training, quality leads and unrivaled support for all its agents that allows agents to grow their business to any size they desire. Not to mention always utilizing cutting edge technologies and developing new systems to be at the forefront in the real estate industry.”

Lauren DiStefano
Executive Assistant to Anthony Lamacchia, Business Manager

Seven years ago, I took the “leap of faith” and transitioned from commercial to residential real estate and accepted a position with Lamacchia Realty.  Although I was making a move into an initial position that my skillset exceeded, I knew in the long run I was going to start a great and lifelong career at Lamacchia Realty, not just a job.   Over the past seven years I have transitioned into several different positions, learning many different areas of the company and the real estate industry on a local, state national level.   Members of the Leadership Team have helped strengthen and deepen my skill set along the way and have led me on a path to a successful career to which I am grateful for.  Lamacchia Realty truly is the BEST real estate brokerage in every sense of the word. 

Stacy Travers

I started at Lamacchia to begin my career with my best foot forward. Knowing I work for and with individuals who care to see everyone at Lamacchia succeed, is one of the greatest reasons I’ve remained with the company. The level of professionalism, knowledge base, support and innovation that we offer collectively, make me proud to be a part of this growing “team.” The beautiful friendships I’ve made because of Lamacchia Realty, are also an added bonus.

Sarah Chaisson
Vice President of Finance

I cannot imagine working anywhere else. I have loved every second of my time at Lamacchia Realty and look forward to seeing the continued success of the company. My colleagues are all amazing and it is truly a blessing to come to work every day.

Kristen Meleedy

I have been working with Lamacchia for six years now and have enjoyed the support as a fellow Broker-Agent, but also the personal support. I teamed up with Lamacchia after brokering my own office for 15 years. It was one of the best business decisions I made for myself, my family and my clients. The advanced skills I have mastered have personal relationships that have grown over this time and continue are priceless. I look forward to many years as part of the Lamacchia Way and building my business and living the life I have chosen for me and my family.

Angela Walker
Vice President of Operations

I’ve stayed at the company for so long because of the great people because of the great people that we work with. As we continue to grow we keep bringing on like-minded individuals and it feels great to be surrounded by people you genuinely enjoy working with.

Michelle Wesson

Working for a company that appreciates and rewards their agents is not only motivating, but a big reason why I joined Lamacchia Realty. There are countless reasons why I intend to remain a part of this family and that list continues to grow every day!

Alex Montalto

What’s not to love? Great comradery, support and training to grown your business. When I started there were probably 20 total people in the company, now look at us. Anthony always talked about his vision for the company and I believed it, I believed in him. I owe a lot of my success to the knowledge and support I have gained here at Lamacchia over the years. Looking forward to many, many more years of success

Kim Beaulieu
Woburn Office Manager

Starting with my first day at Lamacchia I felt so welcomed and over time my co-workers at Lamacchia turned into my second family. This is the best company I’ve ever been a part of and it’s all because of the people here. From Anthony to management to the staff and agents. After being here for over 7 years it’s only gotten better as we continue to grow. I can’t wait to see where we go next and I am so excited to be a part of it!

Adam Pasciscia
Senior Field Agent, Property Manager, REALTOR®

I have stayed here so long for many reasons. Before I came here I had a ton of different “jobs” but this was the first place where I felt like I had a career. From the very beginning starting with Anthony on down I have always been made to feel like I am a valued and important member of the team. To simplify, I’ve stayed here so long because this is my home.

Chrissy O’Toole

I think the biggest reason I’ve stayed at the company so long is the people. We have had such a fantastic group of agents/staff/management here for so long, we all support and learn from each other and biggest of all help build each other up and keep this brand going strong! All of this also benefits the consumer experience, which is where success continues to grow!

Melissa Deane

I joined and stay because of Anthony and Sarah and the amazing culture, opportunities and support the company provides.

Maggie Ray

The reason I stayed with Lamacchia Realty for so long is because Anthony and his team are caring, supportive, and always there when you need them. They work very hard to make sure their agents are getting the training they need to build and make their business successful.

Joselin Malkhasian

Joining Lamacchia Realty was one of the best decisions I could have made professionally. Through their guidance and support, I have been able to grow my business to a place I did not think possible. I am excited to continue my career at Lamacchia because I know that the growth here is limitless.

Mike McGrory
Vice President of Property Acquisitions and Development Lamacchia Realty & Lamacchia Development

The people in this company are some of the most fun, selfless and motivated people I have been lucky enough to know…. and I get the pleasure of working with them every day!

Alyssa Spear-O’Grady

From day 1, working at Lamacchia Realty has always felt like working with your friends and #1 supporters. Everyone, including Anthony, management, and fellow agents wants to see you succeed and reach your full potential. The weekly trainings gave me the confidence to take on just about anything in the field as you never know what will happen on any given day in Real Estate. That feeling of always being prepared and having someone to reach out to if you do have a question means I can provide my clients with the best possible service that they deserve. I can’t say enough good things about my experience working here!

Robin O.
Attleboro, MA

Joanna is a great realtor, we signed with her to sell 2 houses in Newton and Needham and to find us a home in Attleboro MA. She is very professional and she is just a text or email away from any questions we had. She is honest and she helps to let you know if this is the property for you. Every appointment we have with her she is always on time. The house in Newton she sold in 2.5 weeks, the Attleboro home, if it wasn't for Joanna suggesting strongly that we go look at it, the minute my husband and I saw it, we fell in love with it and Joanna made it happen she was up all hours of the night communicating with the other realtor who was vacationing in Europe at the time. She will be putting our Needham home on the Market sometime in the Fall. I give her 5 stars.

Tina & Todd
Townsend, MA

Joe was amazing! This spring market was NOT for the buyer but Joe kept up and showed us everything we asked to see. He was fast to respond and was able to keep me focused and talk me off the ledge when things got difficult. Joe was a lot of fun to work with he made a difficult situation a lot more bearable. We would Highly recommend Joe to anyone looking to buy or sell their home!

Kyle C.
Fitchburg, MA

Michele Myles with Lammachis Realty was amazing! Even with some complications on the sellers end she never gave up on me. It was my first time buying a home and she was there for me every step of the way. If you ever work with Lammachia I highly recommend Michele.

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