See what our past clients have to say about their experiences with Lamacchia Realty:

Annie B.
Dracut, MA

We were referred to Jackie Louh at Lamacchia Realty by our nephew whose experience selling his home was outstanding and are we glad we listened to him. Jackie was the ultimate professional and guided us every step of the way. Her responses were always prompt and informational. A stressful time for us, Jackie made it easy and smooth. We will gladly recommend Lamacchia and Jackie as much as we can.

Dave P. and Family

Dear friends, The old proverb says that every cloud has a silver lining. My silver lining was the dedicated team of Lamaccchia Realty and Dorner Law. Individually and cumulatively you all pitched in to make an absolutely awful situation manageable. My wife and I and my 16 month old are indebted to your help and resourcefulness…and we can’t thank you enough!!!
Jackie exhibited expert real estate sales counsel during the entire duration of each of the transactions. Through the ups and downs of the emotional roller coaster of a transaction of this magnitude, she steered us through the pitfalls and kept focused throughout, i.e. eyes on the prize: “a sale”. She was always a phone call or email away and responded promptly to my calls and emails.
Anthony Lamacchia- provided relief to a terrible setback of epic proportions. At one point, we had a willing and able buyer fully signed/executed contract along with the bank's approval but met resistance from the investors FannieMae…therefore no deal. Anthony pressed on with others and used every legal resource and maneuvering until he was able to sway them to do the right thing and get too close.
Adam Pasciscia- captured the property in its best light to help entice buyers. His expert photography of the property highlighted its strong points and minimized its weaknesses visually, a feat in and of itself. It’s worth saying he kept his composure while encountering difficult tenants. He stood firm with his pricing assumptions and had empirical data to support his findings.
Angela Walker- provided superior management of the listing and the closing. Any unexpected wrinkles were quickly ironed out. All deadlines were met on time and there were no hiccups at the closing.
DORNER LAW TEAM Hillery Dorner- exhibited her well-honed real estate skills throughout the entire transaction. She offered high-level counsel on very intricate situations specific to my unique needs. Her own personal involvement in real estate investments was priceless and made it extremely easy for us to connect. Her relevant background was instrumental and significantly helped us get too close smoothly and efficiently.
Dave Karoly- Negotiated the most favorable terms possible, exceeding my expectations by far. His superior financial background spoke volumes to my situation. He is a personable professional eager to help. His calm demeanor and wit helped immensely throughout the transaction, especially at the most trying times. He regularly went to bat for his client and negotiated a strong victorious outcome.
Carolyn Benoit- helped immensely with all the intricacies of the purchase and sale agreements. She facilitated smooth communication back and forth with the buyer’s attorney and always kept me in the know. She was instrumental in helping explain the spouses “right of homestead” and helped me work it out for what was best for my situation.
As with the Yin and Yang being complementary, not opposing, forces (as gleaned from Wikipedia); “Interacting to form a whole greater than either separate part; in effect, a dynamic system” I can’t help but see the same symbolism between Lamacchia Realty and Dorner Law. One of Robert Frost’s earliest poems ‘The Road Not Taken’ (line 20) reads ‘And that has made all the difference’, you have all in your own unique way individually and collectively MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE. Again, I thank you all and wish you all the best of luck in life.

Paul D.
Acton, Massachusetts

Thankful, grateful, and appreciative – those words just simply cannot truly express what I am feeling regarding the incredible work done by both of your groups in the accomplished sale of my condo. I am thoroughly impressed. You were very professional and at the same time very “human.” There are a number of people to thank. There is Krissy Axon and Angela Walker, Alex Montalto, and Dave Karoly. Everyone named helped me in one way or another and I thank them for their help. And, last but not least, Nora Newhard – I felt completely at ease with Nora who handled the closing side of the whole process. Without hesitation I will always recommend you to anyone who asks. From the core of my being – thank you, very much. It is comforting knowing that there are businesses and professionals dedicated to helping the regular, everyday person.

Katie M.
Beverly, Massachusetts

Anthony, I wanted to take a moment to try to put into words how deeply grateful I am for everything you and your team at Lamacchia Realty and Dorner Law have done to make the sale of my house in Beverly happen. Everyone I have worked with during this process has been wonderful. It was such an amazing experience having so many people that were on my side, pushing to make sure this sale went through. Every time I called with a question or sent an email, I always received a fast response and they always helped to put my frazzled nerves at ease. You have such an extraordinary staff, I hate to leave anyone out because EVERYONE was great, but I am so grateful to you, Alex Montalto and Dave Karoly. Angela Walker was also wonderful in answering every question I had about the process and very understanding about my worries but set me at ease each time. Now that this is all over, I feel like I can breathe again. I can finally move on with my life and start planning my future. It felt like this day would never come, but thanks to Lamacchia Realty, it finally has. Thank you so much for this. My Deepest Gratitude

Natick, Massachusetts

A note of sincere thanks and appreciation for Lamacchia Realty, Inc. and for the very dear professionals who were involved in the process of the sale of my condo: Thank you dear, wonderful Jackie; thank you, the patient and kind Dave Karoly (whose calm responses reassured me that it will be alright), and thank you, the amazingly competent, sincere, and friendly Hillery Dorner for the final steps, and THANK YOU to each and everyone working at this connection whose names regretfully I have missed to note during this chaotic situation of my life…THANK YOU ALL!!! With a heart full of recognition and appreciation for the help and the honest approach I experienced during the sad situation of the sale of my condominium, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Lamacchia Realty, Inc! It was the professional, sincere, capable, honest, and wise approach by the professionals at Lamacchia Realty, Inc, and specifically the continuous support and assistance by Jackie on day to day basis, the legal explanations by Dave Karoly, and at the end through the smooth (and as painless as possible) approach by lawyer Hillery Dorner (whose help and support I would never forget) that made a difference in how I would survive this period. I will always be thankful to them. From the beginning to the end I felt having sincere friends who knew exactly what to do to make the sale process successful and as little as possible painful to me. Once again thank you all, Best regards

David S.
Cambridge, Massachusetts

During my initial meeting at their Waltham office with Dave Karoly, my concerns were eased as Dave thoroughly explained the process. Their confidence, experience, and highly successful track record gave me renewed confidence. What really sets Lamacchia Realty apart from others (and can’t be underestimated) are their strong connections and contacts with the major lenders. I especially want to thank Dave Karoly. I also want to thank Hillery Dorner, Angela Walker and Kristen McCarthy, for their hard work and timely communications. Working with LR exceeded my expectations. They are a valuable resource for anyone considering the sale of their property.

Mary and Gerry V.
Billerica, Massachusetts

Lamachia Realty Staff, We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to your company and all your staff who have helped sell my house. Your dedication and commitment to making sure your client is satisfied and well informed made a huge impact on me. We never thought we would sell this house due to its condition but you made it happen. We will surely recommend your company to whoever we know who will undergo this stressful situation. You have provided me with tremendous emotional support and made sure everything was done in the right way and in all fairness. I have been spreading the word of how great your company has been to us in this life changing event. We would like to take this opportunity to especially thank Dave Karoly, Nora Newhard, Carolyn Benoit, and Cheryl of Dorner Law Office who have kept me updated and always ready to answer my questions and help me undergo this stressful process and made it easier. Thank you to Sarah as well for giving me a gift on behalf of Lamacchia Realty, which, by the way, I should be the one giving you a thank you gift. Sincerely Yours

Kevin D.
Leominster, Massachusetts

Sir, I am writing this in regards to Angela Walker, Dave Karoly, and especially Krissy Axon. I came to your office about 4 months ago to sell my house. Today, the closing papers were signed. When I first came to your office, I was prepared for a long and painful process to get my house sold. I could not have been more wrong. Your staff made the process unbelievably easy for me and walked me through every step. I truly felt like they wanted to help me. I especially want to point out how incredible Krissy was through this. I was very ignorant of the whole process when it began and she took the time to answer all my questions and to make sure I understood what was going on. I felt informed through the entire process and comfortable with her suggestions and recommendations. She made me feel as if my house was the only one she was working on. I want to thank you and your staff for making this a successful and stress free (or as stress free as it can be!) experience.

Steven L.
Waltham, Massachusetts

Hi Dave
Great to hear from you, yes sir we are scheduled to close on the 29th of Oct, just a couple of weeks away, we are so fortunate for everything you and Jason have done for us, it has been a wonderful experience and we are so looking forward to close on this most beautiful home and start the next chapter of our lives.
David, please know without you and Jason taking the time and making the effort to contact and work with us above and beyond what most people would expect, none of this would have been possible, my family and I are and will always be grateful to the both of you. As I look ahead and wonder how awesome it is going to be to help raise our grandchildren in the most beautiful house I could have imagined, your impact on my family will be felt for years and possibly generations, I don’t know if words can describe what a wonderful thing you have helped us achieve so from the bottom of my heart I want to thank you.
Your most grateful and satisfied customer.

Chris H.
Dracut, Massachusetts

Very impressed with entire process. We loved working with every member of Lamacchia’s team. From Dave Karoly to Jackie Louh, we were thrilled with how easy they made things for us during a very stressful time. Our house was listed on a Friday, we had 8 showings the next day, and we agreed on one by Wednesday! Our house was basically sold in less than a week!

Robert Lussier
Dover, NH

I heard about the company through a radio ad and was skeptical. After several more days of hearing the ad on the radio, I decided to call. The team was quick to have an onsite presence at our home and walked us through the various ways to sell our house. My wife and I were impressed with their team based approach. We had multiple above asking price offers on our home within 48 hours of posting it in February!!! We had an incredible experience! In fact, we recommended them to my in-laws who also ended up receiving offers on their house within days of listing. I can’t say enough about the company.

Ken M.
Easton, Massachusetts

From the initial walk-through, I sensed that Mike McGrory was confident my unit would show well and it was just a matter of time. He explained the whole process. We set a realistic timeline and price; the process began. It got a good number of hits (and appointments).
Your business plan (the association with “my other team” at Dorner Law & Title) is really perfect – not just in good logistics, but the folks there meet the same standard of professionalism. It confirmed across the board that my situation was in expert hands. Sometimes it was a team effort but my calls and emails were all answered quickly. Everything was as my neighbor claimed, and as Lamacchia promised. Thank you for putting a mechanism in place to help me. The “blue ribbon” is for the efficiency and professionalism of how you deliver with best-in-class service. You assembled a great team!

Jessica and Erik
Quincy, Massachusetts

Thank you, thank you for making the sale of our condo so easy! I can’t say enough about how quickly and smoothly everything went. Mike McGrory really put our minds at ease when explaining the process. The staff is so personable and professional it’s no wonder your business is so successful. I would 100% recommend Lamacchia Realty to anyone in need of a great Realtor and wish you guys the best of luck in the future!!

Chris and Ron G.
Lowell, Massachusetts

It was a pleasure working with you and the entire team at Lamacchia Realty. The process was very well organized and executed from the first meeting with Mike McGrory to the final closing. All of my questions and concerns were answered promptly and the sale went much quicker than I expected. I would highly recommend your company.
Thanks for everything.

Matt & Maureen C.
Woburn, Massachusetts

Michael McGrory was fantastic to work with, and we truly had a great experience buying our home. He was unbelievably professional, hard working, and responsive. We really appreciated how smooth the whole process went from day one. Mike immediately set us at ease and went above and beyond to get all of our questions answered, following through with everything we asked along the way. We love our new house and we wholeheartedly recommend Lamacchia Realty and Michael McGrory.

Donna S.
Burlington, Massachusetts

I just wanted to express my utmost appreciation to your staff and especially Jackie Louh. From the moment we met with you in the office to meeting Mike McGrory at the house, I was very impressed by the professionalism and concern of each of the parties that were involved in the sale of my parents’ home. I was touched at how caring and understanding they were at my dad’s particular situation at hand. I was also amazed at the technology used to get the information out to the public as well as the pictures Adam took of the house… very impressive. As for Jackie, she kept me in the loop all the time and was a great negotiator, not to mention very patient and understanding.

I’m glad that I pursued the information that Jill introduced me to regarding Lamacchia Realty … working with your company and staff was the perfect match for us, especially in such a short turnaround time.

Thank you again.

Joseph and Patricia G.
Goffstown, New Hampshire

Anthony and Angela, my wife and I wanted to take the time to let you know how fortunate we feel to have employed your services recently. In addition to being honest, and diligent, you were very supportive of us in a very trying time. From the first visit from your outside sales agent until the day of closing, your company shined with respect to providing information and following up with us regularly. We would recommend you to anyone considering selling their home. Your patience with us and all of the institutions involved is to be commended. Please feel free to use this letter in any marketing literature.

Stelliana E.
Worcester, MA

John Millen is one of the best. I could call him at anytime with any question and he always always had an answer. We saw many listings and he would acomodate to what was good for me. Always smiling and always treated us as if we where family and that made our buying experience very easy. Thank you John for everything we look forward to working with you again.

Bridget D.
Worcester, MA

From contacting Deanna at Lamacchia to my house selling AND buying a house was 4 and 7 days respectively. Deanna was incredibly responsive, supportive and answered my many questions in detail. A home transaction was very personal to me and my children. Deanna embraced all of the concerns my children experienced through this processes….and did so with sincerity. I can’t thank Deanna enough and highly recommend her to help you too.”

Harper P.
Millbury, MA

Very helpful, went out of there way to help me find a place. AJ Bruce helped me a lot, very good at what he does. Would use him again when it comes to buying a house.