See what our past clients have to say about their experiences with Lamacchia Realty:

Jeff M.
Waltham, MA

I have to say working with Alyssa was a breeze. From meeting #1 she really listened to what I was looking for in purchasing my first place. I can’t say the same for other realtors I’ve dealt with in the past. She also knows what she’s talking about and lucky for me I learned to listen to her as well. I was purchasing in a seller’s market which was highly competitive. I honestly didn’t anticipate buying so quickly due to market conditions. The place I ended up buying I believe had 6+ bids on it. I had crunched a few numbers to determine my offer and I was basically set on that number. With some polite persuasion on Alyssa’s behalf, she convinced me to amend my offer. I believe her knowledge of the local market and her nudging me in the right direction was the direct cause of my offer finally being accepted. I would highly recommend working with her if you want as smooth of a home buying process as possible.

Emmy J.
Wakefield, MA

Being first-time home buyers in an incredibly competitive market, my husband and I were overwhelmed. Every time we went to an open house packed full of 30 other young couples trying to see the same property, or watched each house we liked go for $30K over asking, we freaked. We didn’t understand the process, we felt we’d never find anything in our price range…we were STRESSED. We knew we needed a realtor to help and tried to work with several without luck. It seemed that no one wanted to work with first-time home buyers. We had too many questions that required too much of their time to answer. And when they did answer, it was days to weeks later. Then we found Alyssa and everything changed.

From the beginning of our relationship to when we closed on our perfect home, Alyssa was nothing short of incredibly professional. She spent the amount of time with us that we needed to completely understand the process and our options, as well as answer every question we had thoroughly and promptly (often within minutes of sending our emails). She made it a point to come to as many open houses with us as she could (and there were a lot), and when she couldn’t, she always created and sent detailed schedules with accompanying information so we could guide ourselves. When we finally found the house that we wanted, she put an enormous amount of effort and practically stayed up all night with us to make sure that we crafted an offer that would win against the competition…and it did…on the first try.

In addition to being a true professional who knows her craft, Alyssa is a great person and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her to ANYONE looking to score their dream house in this market.

Nelson L.
Waltham, MA

I would like to say Alyssa has been excellent in helping me purchase a new home. I was a first time buyer and Alyssa made the process very smooth and easy. She was always easy to reach and responded to any of my questions very quickly and thoroughly. Whenever I found a place I wanted to look at, Alyssa would be quick to set up a time that would work for me. Eventually I did find the place I was interested in and she was quick to get the offer submitted within the same day. With her help, I was able to win the bid. If you want a true professional who is easy to work with, great communication skills, and puts in a lot of effort to helping you find your next home, I would highly recommend that you try Alyssa.

Frada B.
Woburn, MA

I worked with the Real Estate Agent, Alyssa Spear. I had a great experience working with Alyssa, who was very on top of new listings, organizing showings and being flexible on time. Alyssa was very helpful with advice and genuinely cared about my satisfaction in purchasing a condo. I would highly recommend (and in fact, did recommend) Alyssa to other home buyers.

Kelly F.
Waltham, MA

I worked with Alyssa to purchase a condominium. The process was long and arduous as there were many delays (gutted property) and bumps along the road. Alyssa was helpful and supportive of me through the whole process. The seller/builder and their realtor were not particularly helpful or upfront throughout the many delays, but Alyssa never stopped working for me. She asked them questions until she was able to get an answer for me and she always followed through. I recommend Alyssa to anyone who wants a realtor that you can depend on and know that she will always be working in your best interest.

Maria & Paulo
Newton, MA

Alyssa helped us purchase our first condo and made the whole deal happen smoothly. She’s honest, proactive, savvy and attentive. Any concerns and questions, no …matter how apparently trivial, never failed to be promptly addressed and answered. She definitely excelled at providing a stress-free experience. As an added bonus, she is a friendly and generous person.

Chris A.
Somerville, MA

Alyssa was incredibly helpful and very patient with me during the home buying process. She is very knowledgeable and made the whole process much easier for me. I couldn’t be happier with my experience!

Melissa C.
Medford, MA

If you’re looking for a buttoned up agent to represent you with either buying or selling your home, you’d be a fool not to work with Alyssa. She’s responsive, organized and went above and beyond to make sure the buying and selling process was as stress-free as possible. She’s well connected and her recommendations for lawyers and mortgage brokers were just as helpful as she was. It’s a crazy market for both sides and she came to the table with strategies to make sure my sale netted the highest return and the offers we put out to purchase were strong.

Omar M.
Westwood, MA

Alyssa helped my family secure the home of our dreams, plain and simple. Our situation was slightly complicated by the fact that the home was mid-renovation. Alyssa not only helped us get the best price, but was instrumental in navigating the dizzying minefield that was the renovation process. Alyssa and her team met our stringent timelines and requirements while going above and beyond when it came to finalizing our closing package. Not only did she secure our home, but she also found us a tenant for our condo rental! She made the normally stressful home buying experience a pleasure. We cannot recommend her enough.

Jamie K.
Watertown, MA

Alyssa was an absolute joy to work with. She took the time to really get to know us not only as clients looking to purchase a house but as the people who would turn it into a home. She understood our ever-changing wants and needs and was always quick to accommodate them. This was our first experience buying a home and therefore we had a flurry of questions and concerns. Alyssa never hesitated with her answers and reassured us that our questions were completely normal. It was comforting to have someone so helpful on our side. Thank you, Alyssa for helping us find and purchase our first home!

Framingham, MA

If you’re doing your homework and comparing realtors – you’re exactly like me and congratulations, because you have found her! Alyssa is a true professional and made my home buying process better than I could have ever tried to game plan & steer it. I am a control freak and need to feel like I’m looking under every rock or have all relevant information in front of me when making decisions. (Especially large ones like this). Alyssa is so incredibly thorough and detail oriented – she always provided expert opinions with supporting factual data that I could review and see/understand why she was making her recommendations.
Beyond that, home buying is undoubtedly a sometimes frustrating experience. She was so positive and upbeat throughout the whole thing – nothing gets her attitude down! There were many times when she found houses for me to tour that I didn’t even know were out there. I searched all the websites and she would still be able to find hidden gems – sometimes I wondered if she was more excited to find me a house than I was!
Lastly, when putting together our offers – she was incredibly calm, diligent, strategic and factual. There was no messing around and I always felt 100% confidence in what we were submitting. When my offer was accepted, she successfully continued to negotiate different amenities on my behalf. (I had a respectable goal of what I was looking to negotiate – she beat it).
I’m positive there are a lot of great realtors out there – but Alyssa is simply the best. I just can’t imagine going with anybody other than her. She cares about my home buying process as if it were her own. I’m very aware that all realtors have other clients – she never once made me feel like anything but customer #1. To ensure yourself the best home buying experience – go with Alyssa O’Grady.

Carl Z.
Wakefield MA

I consider myself extremely lucky to have worked with Alyssa during my home buying process. From the moment I first met with her I could tell that she had nothing but my best interests in mind. She was very proactive in researching and suggesting properties that fit my criteria, however, there was never any pressure to settle on anything I didn’t find up to my expectations. I am grateful that she was willing to exercise a lot of patience with me and she prioritized coaching me through the entire process of making a sale. Her knowledge about market values and trends proved invaluable when it came to putting in offers – every offer price she suggested fell right in line with the eventual selling price of the property. Once I got an offer accepted, she had a broad network of connections to mortgage lenders, lawyers, and home insurance providers that made closing ridiculously easy. I couldn’t have asked for a better agent than Alyssa and I believe that anyone who has worked with her in the past or has the opportunity to eventually work with her in the future will agree with me.

Lynn and Tom K.
Brookline, MA

Whether an old hand or new to the process, the decision to buy or sell your home is one of the most emotionally-charged decisions we make. Alyssa Spear O’Grady intrinsically grasps this, and crafts a personal and proactive approach designed to support the individual circumstances of her clients. She provided a comprehensive overview of the current real estate climate for our recent home sale before she arranged, exhaustively checked and personally managed the listing. She personally oversaw the subsequent Open House opportunities to maximize exposure to potential buyers and kept us apprised of every detail and development. Alyssa’s natural warmth as well as her genuine excitement and passion for the rollercoaster that is the real estate market was invaluable in securing a timely and outstanding offer that culminated in a smooth, successful sale. Although she has many clients on both ends of the spectrum, we were treated as though we were her one and only; a testament to the detailed, gracious and exacting attention we received throughout every aspect of the process. Alyssa holds our heartfelt gratitude for her uncompromising professionalism and quiet integrity – now and always.

Sunny and Prathima S.
Hopkinton, MA

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Alyssa on our search to find our dream home, and we couldn’t have asked for a better agent to represent us! We met with several realtors but the confidence she exuded, her cheerfulness and the level of attention she paid us just at that first meeting while we discussed our wishlist led us to promptly choose her. During our house hunt, Alyssa was always on top of things – scheduling appointments/open house visits by carefully accommodating our schedules, being punctual every single time, answering our questions/calls/texts within minutes and guiding us all through. Being first-time homebuyers, she made an intimidating process seem easy, giving her thoughts, advice, and input but never once being pushy. After we found the perfect home, she recommended her team of attorneys, lenders and even contractors for our needs. We will always cherish and look back on our house hunting times fondly, thanks to her.

Sunny and Mimi F.
Tewksbury, MA

I worked with Alyssa Spear O’Grady and was very happy with her as my agent. She is savvy and incredibly tuned into her client’s specific needs. She looks quite young, but don’t let that appearance fool you. She has a very good understanding of home issues and she’s not afraid to point them out. Such as – she notified me about any houses that were in a high-risk flood zone or any that had (expensive) electric heat, or if she thought a (sloppy) neighbor might be a potential problem. Plus, she is sweet and always available to answer your questions.

Jennifer & Scott
Waltham, MA

Alyssa helped us sell our condo in Waltham quickly, efficiently, and for a great price. She’s very knowledgable about the real estate market and current conditions. Her plan for pricing, marketing, and showing our condo was professional and thorough and gave us the result we hoped for – a quick sale above asking price. Alyssa was very helpful through the entire sale process and was able to recommend and help coordinate the work we needed to complete ahead of putting the condo on the market and to close. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Alyssa as a competent, personable, and organized agent.

Melissa R.
Medford, MA

I purchased a condominium in Medford in the Fall of 2016 with the help of Alyssa. She is very organized and responsive. Alyssa was very helpful with all of my first time home buyer questions! The process was smooth and I highly recommend her and the Lamacchia Realty team!

Joe M.
Leominster, MA

Alyssa started out helping us locate a rental property when my company relocated me to Massachusetts. She worked hard for us recommending properties and doubled her efforts when we opted to purchase. She found us the perfect house in a location she recommended and we love it. The home is what we were looking for and our payments are less than comparable rent. I will use her services again when I’m ready to sell.

Framingham, MA

I didn’t give (5) stars to be nice – Alyssa earned full marks through her hard work and dedication to my entire home-buying experience. Market Expertise – Alyssa would arrive with factual data – enough factual data to give me comfort that every stone had been turned – to support and explain how and why she was making her recommendations. Responsiveness – It’s unfair and unrealistic to assume anyone is waiting by their phone for my questions. But Alyssa was ALWAYS responsive, same day & with answers (not just a “let me call you back”). Every realtor juggles numerous clients – but Alyssa truly made me feel like I was client #1 at all times – a time period that lasted more than a couple months. Negotiation Skills – once again, Alyssa always came to the table with factual data and information to back up how & why she was suggesting certain values. I would ask if we were going too low or too high and she would present facts as to why we weren’t and facts to explain why we were going with the value we were. Every time I asked the question (and I’m a control freak, I like to make sure I’m spending every penny wisely) I always stepped back with complete confidence that she had steered me in the right direction. (And that sometimes meant not overpaying for a house and thus, I would lose the bidding war – very happy about that now, looking back!) Professionalism & Communication – Professionalism is more of a yes/no question in my book. Alyssa was undoubtedly a “yes”. Communication wise – she was fantastic. I think this is explained by the points about in regards to responsiveness & how she communicated using factual data. Alyssa made me feel like she was personally invested in this experience. Sometimes I think she was more excited about a house, or more disappointed in an overpriced house – than I was! There are a lot of great realtors out there – but there is no question Alyssa will make your home buying experience nothing but positive & rewarding!

Emily & Ethan
Weymouth, MA

As first time home buyers, we were fully expecting to be overwhelmed by the home shopping process. Alyssa made sure we were excited and level headed, while also using all of her tools and technology to ensure that our process was streamlined and always on track. She was VERY responsive to all of our questions and any concerns that came up along the way and made sure we ended up in a home that more than exceeded our goals. Homeowners for a month now and couldn’t be happier with our experience and results!