Relocation: What’s Changed in 2020

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People relocate every day, whether it’s for work, family, money, convenience- you name it, people move for it. Some people move across the state, the country, or even the globe. Those facts haven’t changed fundamentally in the past year, but the number of people moving and their reasons why certainly have.  

Corporate relocation is one industry that looked very different this yearin fact, it took a bit of a pause according to Lamacchia Relocation Vice President, Shane Bronson; “People are still planning on moving and companies are still planning on moving their employees across the country. It’s just a matter of when they are actually going to be able to do that. With many international borders closed to Americans, it has certainly brought overseas relocation to a dead stop. It may end up taking a few years for corporate relocation to really build back up, with more and more employees working remotely and beginning to enjoy it. In fact, the success of remote working has lead people to move for a very different reason.  

While corporate relocation has been on hold, incoming and outgoing referrals for people moving across the country has been boomingAs COVID-19 hit and more and more companies went remote, there was a bit of a revelation in the corporate world. People that once had been living in the city because their job was there, suddenly realized they no longer really had to be there. They could move to that suburb they had always imagined or the small town they always dreamed of while keeping their jobs- the best of both worlds. Suddenly, many employees were moving away from their office instead of toward.  

Not only were people relocating to different parts of the country, but many chose to invest in second homes as well. One of the most popular places for both relocation and second homes every year including this year is Florida, where Lamacchia recently opened an office in Fort Lauderdale. Other places that saw large spikes in relocations this year were the Carolinas, Texas, and even Maine. Some people chose to follow the sun to the south while others went looking for a quiet spot near the coast in the north.  

When it comes to relocating, many people think the best place to go is a search engine. Simply search for a Realtor and the best option will pop up. Bronson explains how it isn’t always that simple: “A lot of times when you’re looking online and you’re doing a Google search, all you’re getting is the person who’s willing to pay the most money.” Just because someone pays a lot of money on advertising does not guarantee they will be the right Realtor for you, Bronson clarifies. The best way to find a Realtor who you know has your best interest in mind is by going through trusted companies within the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World 

What makes going through Leading RE better? Well, Bronson explains, when a company takes your call and knows you’re coming from Lamacchia “they’re a VIP in the sense that we work with these particular companies all the time, they’re part of our network, we’re all under the same contract, we know them personally. We have met a lot of them at conferences. You get that extra special care.” The company and Realtor are then motivated to treat you like royalty in order to ensure they will continue to get those leads in the future. 

Relocation certainly looked different in 2020 but some things remain the same. One, Florida continues to be the top location people chose to relocate to year after year. Two, no matter where you choose to relocate, make sure you’re treated like a VIP by going through Lamacchia Realty and Leading Real Estate Companies of the World.