Lamacchia Realty Featured as a “Thriving Brokerage Through Biggest Power Shifts in 2020”

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Illustration by Mirko Grisendi

December 2020 – RealScout launched an article discussing the rollercoaster of 2020 and the major real estate shifts that occurred throughout the year, “How Brokerages Thrived Through the Biggest Power Shifts in 2020.” Lamacchia Realty was highlighted as a brokerage that continues to defy molds and consistently looks towards the future of the industry.  The article discusses how by embracing technology, data, and the ever-changing industry Lamacchia continues to consistently elevate its client experience.

The article predicts a bright future for the company, no matter what it may bring:

“Although 2021 may prove to be just as unpredictable as 2020, the lesson learned from leaders such as Lamacchia is that blindly chasing and reacting to trends is not the key to success. Instead, a simple, consistent, potentially contrarian vision, carefully formulated and boldly executed will protect against busts and accelerate booms.” – RealScout

Lamacchia Realty has partnered with RealScout in recent years not only to bring modern, real-time home search capabilities to their agents and clients but also to offer a sophisticated new home buyer and seller matching system. The system is called LamacchiaLinks which operates within their custom CRM, LamacchiaHUB. What this means is an agent can set up a client in RealScout from LamacchiaHUB with the click of a button with a default search to leverage the search criteria entered from LamacchiaLinks. This now gives buyers more selection as they’re notified in real-time of potentially matching Lamacchia seller properties that are available as well as new listings on the open market, and price adjusted properties that have shifted into their preferred price point. The above offerings have created a unique Buyer Advantage Program for the company.

Read the entire article written by Andrew Flachner, here.