Real estate has always been a business centered on human interaction with people being in other people’s homes, congregating in groups, and exploring new places for the next step.  Our definition of human interaction is being challenged and is changing daily with safety concerns being the cornerstone of that evolution.

Our company is hyper-focused on always serving buyers, sellers, as well as agents to the absolute best of our ability.  Our cutting edge training for our staff and agents, real-time market analysis and unparalleled knowledge on the impact these changes will have for future and current homeowners, as well as the implementation of new safety protocols, are all ways we are keeping real estate safe.  Our agents wear masks to every in-person meeting and are now able to conduct buyer and seller consultation meetings virtually just as an additional step in protecting our most valued asset: our clients.

Below you’ll find our newest TV commercial as well as tools and tactics we are implementing as part of this Safety Initiative to protect sellers, buyers, and our agents.


Selling your home under normal circumstances can be a bit intimidating- the process, knowing that people you don’t know will be in your home, the prospect of packing everything… we get it.  We have always taken those concerns off our client’s shoulders due to the unmatched experience, training, and knowledge that our agents offer our sellers.  Now more than ever we are here to help.

We are handling showings by wearing masks, gloves, and booties.  We have published a recommended set of guidelines for our Realtors to follow and recommend that the signs (below) are posted for every showing block.


We are helping buyers take the necessary steps to minimize exposure to the virus while attending showings.  We recommend that buyers and their agents  wear masks, gloves, and booties if available, and should confirm with the listing agent that no one in the home has any symptoms of COVID-19, and we also advise buyers and their agents to be flexible if the listing agent has specific protocols to follow per the seller’s requirements.  Buyers should not touch anything in the house including light switches, cabinets, doorknobs, drawer pulls, or bathrooms.

Sadly since the COVID-19 outbreak, there has been an increase in cybercrime.  Buyers have been duped into wiring deposits or entire down payments to a hacker.  To avoid this, follow these recommended steps:

  • Be very careful emailing any financial information. You may think you are just sending the numbers to a trusted friend or colleague but unfortunately, email servers are not always secure.
  • Emails from contacts you do not know may very well be a scam. If you do not know the sender delete the email and do not open any attachments.
  • If you do know the sender but something doesn’t seem right when in doubt, call them and make sure the email is legitimate.
  • NEVER wire anything without first verbally confirming with your Realtor first!


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