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Lamacchia Realty Inc is happy to provide Weston MA with their state leading real estate services. Weston is located just outside of Boston and is one of the more affluent and beautiful towns in the state of Massachusetts. Due to its close proximity to Boston and its popularity, the competitive real estate market in Weston is through the roof.

Selling in Weston MA

If you currently live in Weston and are looking to sell your property, choosing the right real estate company can be the difference between selling your home right away and having a long stressful experience. Lamacchia Realty uses the goal of getting your home in front of as many home buyers as possible as their plan. The more people who see your listing results in more offers, and a higher quality real estate experience.

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Buying in Weston MA

What makes you want to live in Weston? Lamacchia Realty will dive into the home buying process for people looking to purchase in both the Weston and surrounding towns. It’s important to have an experienced realtor on your side in order to get the best value possible, along with just finding the perfect home.

Learn More About Weston

Located about 15 miles from Boston the population is around 12,000. The is 17.3 square miles large in area. 

In 2018 Bloomberg ranked Weston, with an average adjusted gross income of $860,400, as the 9th richest zip code in the United States and the 3rd richest in the Northeast. In 2018 Weston had the highest proportion of million-dollar earners among Massachusetts towns, about 44 per 1,000 residents. 

Housing and Home Prices

The median home value in Weston is $1,450,300.

Weston has a blend of old and new homes that display a remarkable variety of architectural styles as well. Expect to see New England Colonial style buildings standing beside Queen Anne homes, accompanied by Georgian or Federal style constructions and many more. Homes that were constructed in the later 19th century tend to be compact and modest, but the ones from the 20th century were built after Weston turned into a prime location for America’s millionaires and the opulent styles and sizes indicate this changeover.

Things to Do

Foodies are sure to have heard of the famous fried clams and soft serve ice cream that you can try at one of the town’s quaint little eateries. If food is not your thing, then maybe you will like taking strolls in the Cat Rock Park, along with your canine companion, for this is a really enormous, well maintained dog park that also has a lake. If you don’t have a dog yet, you can still visit the park for hiking and making new friends.  Apart from the regular night spots and restaurants and grills, Weston has a special spot that is a sure fire hit with folks who love winter sports. The Weston Ski Track is a favorite with all ages because it makes such an excellent training ground for learning cross country skiing or trying out your brand new snow shoes.


When it comes to schooling, Weston has built a reputation for great education. The Weston Public School system has five schools: two pre-K to Grade 3, one Grade 4 -5 school, a middle school and a high school. Weston is part of the METCO program through which Boston minority students are brought to suburban schools.

The SAT scores of Weston’s high school students continue to be among the highest in Massachusetts. Placements at college level are near the top in the locality, with many students finding places at the best four-year course colleges in the country.

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