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Sherborn MA Real Estate Agents

Lamacchia Realty Inc is happy to provide Sherborn MA with their state leading real estate services. Sherborn is located just outside of Boston and is one of the more affluent and beautiful towns in the state of Massachusetts. Due to its close proximity to Boston and its popularity, the competitive real estate market in Sherborn is through the roof.

Selling in Sherborn MA

If you currently live in Sherborn and are looking to sell your property, choosing the right real estate company can be the difference between selling your home right away and having a long stressful experience. Lamacchia Realty uses the goal of getting your home in front of as many home buyers as possible as their plan. The more people who see your listing results in more offers, and a higher quality real estate experience.

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Buying in Sherborn MA

What makes you want to live in Sherborn? Lamacchia Realty will dive into the home buying process for people looking to purchase in both the Sherborn and surrounding towns. It’s important to have an experienced realtor on your side in order to get the best value possible, along with just finding the perfect home.

Learn More About Sherborn

The population in Sherborn is only around 5,000.

Housing and Home Prices

The median home value is $790,000.

The median home value has risen 2.3% over the past year and is expected rise another 5% within the next year.

In the late 19th century and early 20th the town was relatively poor and as a result many homes were not torn down to be “modernized”. There are 6 or more homes with portions of them dating back to the 17th century. Many houses that still stand were built before the Revolutionary War!


The Dover-Sherborn Regional High is ranked 2nd out of the 345 Massachusetts high schools. Their student enrollment for the 2017-2018 school year was 662. Students state test scores consistently rank near the 100% mark every year, much higher than the national average.