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Popular Apartment Design Trends to Expect in 2018

Whether you own or rent your apartment space, there are many ways to upgrade the look and feel of your home.

According to an Interior Design Book on, these are the hottest apartment design trends headed your way in 2018:

A wide variety of metal embellishments and fixtures are hot again this year. You will find silver, copper, and gold lamps, vases, handles, drawer pulls and decorative accents. Metal finds a home with furniture, as well.

Old School. Restyled old pieces and retro furniture are back in a big way.

Natural light. Does this ever go out of style? Figure out a way to add a skylight or open up a window area to let in more light. Natural light will make your space feel brighter and more open. Consider adding a full spectrum lamp, if natural lighting is in short supply.

Living greenery adds to any apartment décor. Bring a little life, fresh oxygen, and a splash of color into your home. Do some research to find the plants that fit your lifestyle and lighting, but know that there are plants for every situation.

Pinks are especially hot this season, rose quartz, in particular. Update your space with furniture, accents or even walls in this soft color.

Gold! Add a splash of yellow or gold for some pop. These colors can add a bright, happy spot to any room, particularly in a well-lighted spot.

Photo/print galleries. Assemble a collection of interesting photos or images and display them together on a wall.

Earth tones. Earth colors and gold elements add a sense of serenity and comfort to your space. Try white walls with wood accents, or neutral colors with an occasional splash of color.

Two other notable design features that are still going strong into 2018 are bars and patterned wall coverings. It may be hard to believe that wallpaper is coming back into style, but that is indeed the case. Paisley, floral and patterns are the new rage in walls. Out with the boring plain colored paint, in with fun mixtures of pattern and color. Enjoy your space!

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