Holding an open house can feel overwhelming. Between people coming in and out, potential bad weather making for more dirt throughout the house, and children running around unattended when parents aren’t looking will make just about anyone worried! Follow these tips and not only will your home feel more welcoming to potential buyers but your clean up and damages after will diminish!


If your listing agent plans on having snacks and refreshments for guests be sure to talk it over with them, water is easy to clean up if split, juice not so much! Providing smaller trash cans around the home will help make sure people’s trash will not get left around the home. Some people will provide small games and toys to keep children occupied- if you plan on this option be sure to talk it all over so you can be sure the toys and games are approved by you!

Providing a rug or mat when people first walk in for them to wipe their feet will make sure any dirt on their shoes will hopefully brush off. Placing clear mats down in high traffic areas to protect floors is common as well as removing area rugs you don’t want damaged or dirtied.

Clearing all clutter and removing boxes you have already packed will create a cleaner slate. Staging your home on the inside is important when holding an open house. People will feel overwhelmed if they walk in and they see packing boxes everywhere and the dining room table full of clothes or other items that need to be packed. Even if your home has lots of storage space you want to keep closet clean and organized because people will be looking in them! Ask friends or family if you can store boxes at their house for the weekend or look into renting a storage unit.

Take Down Family Photos and Valuables

While family photos are great for you, you want potential buyers to imagine their own family in the home, having your family photos hanging around only makes that harder. Trying to create a blank canvas for buyers means no family photos, no awards or trophies and hiding all valuables. While valuables don’t make it harder to sell the home, you don’t want to risk someone stealing or breaking anything. Your agent will be there for the open house however, they won’t be able to watch every room and every person as they come in and out.


Regardless of the time of year, curb appeal can help increase your home’s value. In the winter months when it is cold, dark and damp, subtle outdoor lighting helps brighten the area. Lights lining the walkway to the front door or a nice outdoor hanging lamp help freshen up the area. Adding in hearty green plants also makes the home more welcoming. Head over to your local home and garden store and you can find smaller green plants that can hold up to harsh winters.  In the warmer months home and garden stores will sell seasonal flowers and plants. Bonus, if you can find something with color. Adding your own ribbon will help brighten up the plants also!

In the warmer months, making sure the grass is watered and cut is a must! Adding mulch and colorful flowers will improve curb appeal. Be sure to trim all bushes away from the home so they are not overgrown. A bonus, if you can power wash the outside of your home this will make it look fresher and newer. Year round it is important to make sure all driveways, walkways, and lawns are appropriately raked, swept, or shoveled.

Open houses are stressful and busy but running them efficiently and safely will help you sell your home faster and for more money when done properly!