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Open House Weekend on FOX25 Morning News with John and Anthony

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Spring is here and so is the busiest buying time of the season and it is open house weekend across the country.

Whether you’re buying, selling, or just taking a look inside other people’s homes then listen up, Elizabeth Hopkins is live at one home for sale in Scituate this morning, hey there Lily

Hey guys I am here and you know it’s so funny that you say that Shannon because I happen to be one of those people who loves to see how people decorate,  how the layout and the flow is, we’re here in this gorgeous home in Scituate as part of national open house week and we wanted to give you a look at what is going to happen on this national open house weekend there will be thousands upon thousands of open houses throughout the country about 31,000, and millions of dollars worth of properties on the market throughout the country. This is a great opportunity to kick off that house hunt if you’re on it and take a look at some of the places that are up for offer in your local neighborhood. Here in Scituate this home is, well, let’s ask the Realtors, come on through the kitchen here into the dining room. Hi guys you are the Realtors who are offering this house here in Scituate, tell me a little bit about the home that is up for offer here.

Sure, well this is your classic New England salt box Colonial that from the street looks kind of like a cute, once again, older style, but then you’ve got this huge addition in the back, open concept kitchen, 2 car garage, so a perfect blend of new with old so we love this house.

It’s gorgeous, so it’s got something like 5 bedrooms, 6 fireplaces 3 and half bathrooms so this is a great house

You just answered all my questions, it was built in 1829, lot of history with the house, it’s a classic older house where they first built the small front portion and then they did an addition like John mentioned the 2 car garages, the cool aspect of it is obviously is the 6 fireplaces, everybody seems to get a kick out of that.

I love that, ok I’m going to let my photographer walk past us a bit and take a look at the rest of the house as you guys have been looking at the market and you say it has rebounded a little bit in recent months especially with such a warm and early spring.

Yes it’s been a pleasant surprise every spring is busy but this spring has been has been unusually busy and we’re excited about that and it’s obviously, I think it’s because the interest rates are low and the stock market is doing well and the warm winter had a real profound impact on it, and the spring market started earlier than it usually did. We were worried that it would die out and it hasn’t it’s still a ton of buyers out there and for those looking to sell they’re really happy right now.

The other thing is too, is interest rates are very low right now that has to be helping things because people are able to afford homes that in the past they haven’t been able to.

Absolutely, finally we’re seeing rents creep up where folks are saying “you know, it makes more sense now  to purchase,” especially where they can do a 30 year fixed for 3.75% or even the low 4’s, then you’ve got these 10 and 15 year fixed mortgages in the high 2’s and low 3’s so it’s really that’s a huge driver with the buyers right now.

What’s interesting to me that it seems as though these homeowners have done everything right, everything that you hear about on those shows where they have the neutral wall colors, it’s free of clutter, but there are some areas that everyone can improve upon but what are your tips to your sellers when you try to put their home on the market and get a lot of eyes on the property?

Well just like you said we’ve been lucky with these sellers they’ve done a great job but always the basics are clear the counters off, the bathroom, a table that looks just like that where it’s just got one ornament in the middle, that’s how to do it, all the stuff that you have for everyday life all over your house the jackets that get hung up all over the place, you’ve got to bring that stuff down, put the stuff from the counters in the cabinets, in the drawers, de-clutter, because less is more.

You know what I love too is when I think about stagers I think well that’s something only the wealthy can have but actually stagers are accessible for all different price points, we actually have a stager in the home which later in the morning we’ll show you a room before and a room after and all the recommendations that they’re putting forward as when you’re trying to get people through the home and taking a look at their houses potentially someone else’s house. McGeough and Lamacchia the men behind the realty team duo we appreciate you buys being here we’ll talk to you in just a little bit.

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