The year of 2018 was full of growth for Lamacchia Realty! Our Lamacchia Realty Worcester office leaped into first place in market share of all the independent brokerages* in Worcester. Agent growth was also substantial in 2018 as the company more than doubled its Realtors out of its Worcester office, home to 32 new agents!

The Top 3 Producing agents in the Worcester office for 2018 are Michelle Wesson, Genevieve Botelho, and Deanna Faucher. This program recognizes Lamacchia Realty agents with the Top 3 Producing agents by office with the highest transaction numbers or sales for the year!

To see a full list of our current agents, head to our Worcester Agent’s page here.

Lamacchia Realty entered the Worcester market in 2016 with a small office on Park Avenue. Earlier this year Lamacchia opened its permanent office in a building Anthony Lamacchia purchased and renovated on West Boylston Street.

“We broke into the Worcester market in 2016 and I am thrilled that in such a short period of time we have become the #1 Indie brokerage! We have grown considerably in that market all while maintaining the culture our Realtors know and love. The hard work and dedication from everyone in that office, staff and Realtors, is obvious. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us in Worcester.” Jackie Louh, Director of Growth and Development, REALTOR®

The Worcester office is home to three of our President’s Club members, Michelle Wesson, Deanna Faucher, and its newest member Genevieve Botelho. Each of these agents will be traveling to Aruba in April for the company’s annual President’s Club trip. The office also has several other top-selling agents such as Michelle Wesson, Genevieve Botelho, Deanna Faucher, AJ Bruce, Jill Kosiba, and Karole O’Leary. Each of these agents has had over 15 transactions in 2018.

“I am so beyond proud of the hard work our Realtors and staff are doing in our Worcester office. The progress we have made out there is amazing, and I know there is much more to come.  The culture in that office is admirable as it is filled with wonderful, hardworking people.” stated Anthony Lamacchia Broker/Owner.

In addition to the company’s aggressive marketing strategies and unique programs for buyers and sellers, Lamacchia also offers several unique products, services, and tools for its Realtors.  On average, agents that join Lamacchia grow their business 318% in their first year!

“It’s been such an exciting year for Lamacchia Realty at our Worcester Office and I’m extremely proud of all that we have accomplished!  Not only do the agents get the best support and training in the industry, but we have a lot of fun and have grown into a special family that truly is one of a kind!” Said Michelle Wesson, Lamacchia’s first agent in Worcester.

Lamacchia Relocation business has also grown substantially in the last two years including in the Worcester market due to the company’s affiliation with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World.  The company’s corporate relocation business is also growing in the Worcester area.

“This is exciting news and a great honor, but we certainly won’t become complacent… in 2019 we will continue hand select the best agents to join the team, we will continue to learn to better serve our clients and we will continue to give back to the Worcester community!” stated by John Millen, Business Develpment Consultant.

*An Independent brokerage is a non-national franchise that is privately held.