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Not all Agents are Created Equal
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The experts call this market a “Professional Market”, meaning that experienced, proven practices need to be employed to achieve the desired results.  Across the country, high powered real estate companies that sell homes across their entire region, like Lamacchia Realty , are proving to be the best choice for Sellers. The one thing that all of these agents have in common is, listing with them will cause your HOME NOT TO SELL!!

Neighborhood Broker

This is the agent who supposedly knows the area the best.  He/she will make claims such as, “I have someone who is interested in your property”, or “Our office specializes in this area”.

The Neighborhood Broker coaxes home owners on the premise that having a local office or exclusively selling in the town they live in, are all competitive advantages.  Over the past 5 years, local offices continue to lose market share to the more expansive companies, due to the simple fact that Buyers rely exclusively on the Internet for their information, instead of a real estate office on Main Street.

In addition, within a market where many homes will not sell, having multiple properties on the market, in the same town, causes a cannibalizing effect amongst the inventory.  If the agent lowers the price on one of their other properties it directly affects your positioning and vice-versa.

The power of MLS (Multiple Listing Service) automatically employs all local agents without losing your competitive advantage in an already challenging market.

Friend of the Family or Friend of Friend

This agent sells real estate part-time or sells less than 10 homes per year.  They are recommended to you and will tell you they can list your home but have no team members or support systems to service your listing and really have no marketing plan to expose the home.  The days of putting a sign out front, having an Open House, and entertaining multiple offers are long gone.  Today’s marketplace requires deep pockets for marketing and an entire staff working for you to ensure not only an offer gets made on your home but that the home actually sells!

Discount Broker

This agent will reduce their fees, reduce their marketing, and reduce the time dedicated to the listing therefore costing you more money in the end. The saying, “you get what you pay for,” could not be more accurate in this situation.  Low cost or no cost marketing does not expose the property enough for Buyers to see it and low commissions do not get other agents motivated enough to sell your property to their Buyers.  Do you really want to hire an agent to negotiate top dollar for your home, when they cannot even negotiate their own commission?

My house was on the market for 4 months with not much activity.  I decided to call Lamacchia Realty Realty after seeing their advertisement on TV.  They came to my house and provided me with a realistic evaluation of the selling price, based on the market and competition.  They provided me with great communication throughout the entire process and sold my home in 24 days!!!

-Marty K., Easton, MA

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