Norfolk County

Lamacchia Realty is proud to serve Norfolk County in Massachusetts also known as the county of presidents because of the birthplace of four main presidents in Massachusetts known as John Adams, John Quincy Adams, John Kennedy, and George H.W Bush. Norfolk is home to over 20 different communities in the Massachusetts Area. Along with having a large population of many metro Boston workers, it is also known as one of the wealthiest counties in Massachusetts because of it’s many prepared and professional residents.

At Lamacchia Realty our agents ensure that our prospective and current residents receive the same quality service we promise all of our clients. Lamacchia Realty Agents understand that every client has different needs, therefore, our agents treat your requirements and preferences with the utmost professionalism to make sure you get that dream home you have always envisioned for yourself. Our agents are familiar with all the cities in Norfolk County and are always willing to help you sell or buy a home in the area.

Why Move to Norfolk County?

Norfolk County offers many benefits to those living here. Norfolk is home to many historical parks like the blue hills reservation as well as Adams National Historic Park. If you enjoy nature you will find many trails for hiking and biking here. If you prefer the urban/suburban part of Massachusetts Norfolk is the place to be. Norfolk County is a coveted place to live because it has the availability to get to metro Boston within a few minutes. Through Boston’s high-speed subway system, residents have public transportation traveling to and from Boston easily. You can travel to the other Norfolk County towns through the local commuter rail system.