Dealing with the idea of having a home without a garage or basement may scare a lot of people. Think about all that extra storage space you get with a basement or a garage, especially for outdoor accessories. However, there are other storage solutions to help ease your anxiety of where the kid’s sports equipment or your gardening tools are going to stay. Let’s not forget the old saying, “A place for everything and everything in its place”

Storage solutions for a home without a garage:

1. Shed life – This option is one of the more common to choose when living without a garage. You can find sheds of different sizes and price points. They help to store, organize and contain all of the extra tools, landscaping equipment, recyclables and anything else you don’t want in the house. Proper use of a shed is key. It is very easy to throw things in and watch everything pile up, but this isn’t the best way to utilize the space. Nailing hooks to hang or rest shovels, rakes and anything else you can hang safely will free up a lot of space inside your shed, giving you even more room for bigger items.  Decorating the shed also gives a cohesive look to your yard! Paint it the same color or a complementary color to the house and add window boxes and landscaping around it.

2. Think vertically – This pertains to any room in your house. Just as we mentioned in the shed, using your walls to help create extra storage frees up a lot of floor space. Thinking vertically means you are able to take advantage of the space above – shelves, cabinets, or simply any space that you can add a layer of storage (or two) too.  Floating shelves are not only functional but very stylish and are easy on the eye.  Built-in shelving in a living room, office, or basement add an architectural element to the space.  When well staged, they add value to the home for prospective buyers.

3. Utilize your closest space – Whether you have a large or tiny closest, most don’t use it in the most effective way. There are plenty of storage organizers for closets nowadays. They help to free up extra space you didn’t even know you had. Shoe racks and hanging shelves are a big fan favorite.  You can DIY closet organization with products from home improvement stores, but you can also hire experts to do it for you.

4. Stacking and modular storage – They are making storage dressers/modulars more attractive looking because when it comes down to it we all have stuff and a lot of it. There are many different styles of these dressers with all different sized compartments depending on what you are using it for.  If everything goes in a basement, then clear covered crates are the best way to stay organized and know where everything is.

Storage solutions for a home without a basement

1. Everything needs a home – Many homes are designed without a basement and homeowners have the unique task of making sure there is a place for everything.   It’s recommended that you only keep what you use on a regular basis, and have a plan in mind for seasonal items.  Closet space and a shed, see above, are two of the first ways you can create a system that works for storing your belongings.

2. Attic – Hopefully the home has some attic space for storage, and if that’s the case, clear covered crates are a great way to store your belongings and keep them clean.  Seasonal clothing, decorations, and keepsakes will live happily here.

3. Fun and Games – We released a blog about toy organization.  Toys can easily take over your home without proper organization.  Click here to learn more!

4. Let’s take this outside – If you’re lacking a basement but have a shed or garage, utilize a corner of that space like you would a basement.  Making sure everything has a place will make it easier to keep your belongings in check.

You don’t want to rule out a home you love because it doesn’t have a garage or basement. If a garage is something you absolutely want in the future you should make sure that you are able to build one on the property when that time comes. If you can wait or decide you don’t need one then we are telling you, you can live without one!