Meghan Martin award, nicole vermillion

The Meghan A. Martin award is presented annually to an agent whose actions embody the many things that Meghan stood for and demonstrated every day. This year, we are honored to present the 2023 Meghan A. Martin Award to Nicole Vermillion.

“Nicole has such a big heart, and her kindness and compassion towards others remind me so much of Meghan. She is truly a selfless person, and her ability to touch people's lives is a beautiful tribute to our dear friend's memory. This award holds a strong meaning to our company and to me personally. This is beyond well-deserved, and it was an honor to present this award to Nicole."

Within the company and real estate industry, Nicole has earned a reputation for being kindhearted, noble, and determined to leave a positive impact on her community. Nicole strives to be a reliable resource for both her clients and fellow agents. In fact, Nicole has been featured on the news several times, offering her insights on the current market. Towards the end of 2023, Nicole was honored with the prestigious South Shore REALTORS® 2023 Spirit Award in recognition of all the good she puts out into the world. When she isn’t selling homes or making TV appearances, Nicole is actively supporting several causes. Over the last few years, she has planned and hosted Braintree Office Holiday Blood Drive, which has quickly become an annual tradition! Additionally, she dedicates time to work with Interfaith Social Services and DOVE, both charities located in her hometown of Quincy, MA.

As busy as Nicole is, her schedule doesn’t stop her from dominating the South Shore real estate market! Nicole is a two-time member of the Lamacchia Realty President’s Club, and also qualified for Lamacchia Realty’s Top Producer Circle in 2022 and 2023. Additionally, she ranked on the 2023 RealTrends America’s Best Real Estate Professionals in Massachusetts list!

“Nicole embodies the same spirit that made Meghan Martin such a remarkable person. Meghan's unwavering care for others and her resilient optimism during challenging times were truly inspiring, and Nicole mirrors those qualities effortlessly. Her infectious positivity brightens up any room she walks into, and she consistently goes the extra mile to support her colleagues and her community. Just as Meghan left a lasting impact on everyone she encountered, Nicole also does just that. She truly deserves this award, and I am immensely proud of all her achievements.”

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Meghan Martin

Meghan Martin joined Lamacchia Realty in late 2017 and made a massive impression on everyone in the company, including agents, staff, and the leadership team.  During her brief time at the company, everyone noticed Meghan’s incredibly positive attitude as she treated everyone with respect, was gracious, thankful, and giving.

Meghan was initially diagnosed with cancer in 2012 and fought it with dedication and hope, raising awareness and funds during her health journey by contributing her time and energy to the Pan-Mass Challenge and to the Dana Farber Institute.  Her attitude never faltered during her initial diagnosis, nor when the cancer returned in 2014.  Meghan was always present, hopeful, dedicated, and thankful for all the goodness in her life, never letting this sickness get the best of her.

In her first year of joining the company, Meghan Martin accomplished her goal of being inducted into the President’s Club, for which she and her husband traveled to Aruba with the fellow President’s Club inductees and members of the management team – a time for which everyone on that trip is grateful for. While there, Anthony talked with Meghan and Genevieve Botelho about how they set their minds to making President’s Club and how Anthony was so proud of them.  One thing to note, is Meghan did not want to talk about her cancer in the video, so they did not. While it would have made an impression, that is not what Meghan was about. She did not want any excuses or special treatment.  Meghan’s passing in August of 2019 was incredibly sad for everyone in the company, but everyone also knew that she’d rather her life be celebrated with joy.