Moving to Massachusetts from Out of New England

If you currently live outside of New England and are moving to Massachusetts, we want to start off by saying that you have made a great choice! As a Massachusetts-based real estate company, we love our home state for all of its differences between this area compared to others in the country. Check out some important information you should know before moving here.

Housing Market

If you have yet to purchase a home in Massachusetts then you’ll certainly need to understand the housing market. With Massachusetts covering over 10,000 square miles it obviously depends on where in the state you are looking to buy a home. By far, the most expensive and competitive place to buy a house is in Boston and the direct suburb areas. Contact a trusted real estate agent from Lamacchia Realty to walk you through the buying process. It can be a stressful process and you want to make sure you get the right house at the right price.

Job Opportunities

If you are looking for a job then you’ve come to a good state to find one. Massachusetts has the 11th lowest unemployment rate of 3.4% according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Massachusetts is home to some of the most prestigious colleges and universities along with hospitals.  Many come here not only to attend these institutions but to also work for them.


Depending on what your taxes are now, you should know what to expect from Massachusetts. Here are a few important tax rates to keep in mind:

  • Personal Income: 5.1%
  • Sales & Use Tax: 6.25%


If you are bringing a car with you from out of state then you’ll have to get it registered within 30 days of living in Massachusetts. You’ll also have to have to title your vehicle which comes along with a $75 fee. The steps to register your vehicle depend whether or not you purchased from a dealer or from a private party so check out the DMV website to see what steps apply to you.


It is safe to say that you’ll either love New England weather or you’ll hate it. Each season has its pros and cons but lets quickly describe each season:

  • Winter: If you hate snow then you may have come to wrong place. Winters can be tough for people that are used to the warm. You should expect a handful of snow storms between 8-12 inches and temperatures between the teens and forties.
  • Spring: In Massachusett, it often feels like spring isn’t a real season. One week it can snow and the next week it can be 70 degrees.
  • Summer: Warm, hot and often muggy with average highs in the mid to upper 70s and low 80s. There is plenty to do during the summer in Massachusetts from the beach and pools to hiking, camping and enjoying sports outside.
  • Fall: This is one of the more beautiful seasons in Massachusetts and New England. You get to enjoy comfortable temperatures between the 60’s and 40’s all while the foliage on trees changes.