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How to Make Money at a Yard Sale

Follow these tips to make the most money at a yard saleIf you’re a homeowner looking to sell your house, having a yard sale before you move allows you to unload unwanted items in preparation for staging your home as well as having fewer items to pack when it comes time to move.

It’s also a great way to make extra money while you declutter your home.

Follow these tips to make the most money at a yard sale:

What You Need for a Yard Sale

  • A garment rack
  • Small bills and rolls of coins to make change; a calculator
  • Don’t go it alone! Have a friend or family members help you with set up and selling
  • Supply shopping bags for your customers
  • Small tables to display items; tablecloths
  • Extension cord
  • Poster board and markers for signs

It’s All In the Presentation

When you are setting up your yard sale, don’t pile everything onto a few blankets on the grass. Think instead of how your favorite store is set up: small tables and racks where items are grouped by category. Smaller shopping areas are easy to navigate and will encourage shoppers to take their time. The longer your customers browse the more items they will purchase.

Showcase your largest items up front so people driving by will want to stop. View your yard sale from across the street to see if it looks inviting. If it doesn’t catch your eye, make adjustments to your display.

Set up a testing area for electronics using an extension cord. If certain items need batteries, have a set of batteries ready so customers can test them.

Marketing Your Yard Sale

Start a couple of weeks before your yard sale to give people plenty of notice. Post flyers in coffee shops, parks, and supermarkets. And don’t forget to tell everyone about your yard sale on Facebook and Craigslist. Give details about the types of items you’re selling, the date, and any other information that will make people want to come to your yard sale.

Make it easy for people driving by your house to see that there’s a yard sale by placing signs and displays prominently. An 8×10 cardboard sign on a telephone pole can be hard to see. Instead, go to a craft store to purchase large white or bright colored poster boards to create signs and make the lettering as large as possible. Display signs all over the neighborhood and in the downtown area as well. The more people who come to your yard sale the more items you’ll sell.

Price Your Items

Remember the goal of your yard sale is to sell all your items!

Customers come to your yard sale because they are expecting to get a good deal. Price your items to move. None of your items should be more than $25. If you have more expensive items list them on eBay or Craigslist instead.

Browsers want to know how much items are, so don’t make them guess. Place price labels prominently on the item so customers don’t have to pick up every single item. If you are selling many small items like jewelry, group them together at one price point (i.e. “all necklaces $3”) and label accordingly. Make a master list of prices and items in case tags fall off.

At the End of the Day

An hour before your yard sale ends let your customers know that you are pricing all items 50% off. Update your existing signage to advertise this end of day discount, which can bring in even more customers.

Once you take down your signs, don’t bring unsold items back into your home. Donate them to charity.

With a little preparation, having a yard sale can be the first step in downsizing a home, getting ready to move, and making money at the same time.

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