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Milton, MA Zip Trip 2015

Population of Milton was 27,003. As of June, 2015, the average annual selling price of a single-family home in Milton was $644.103. The average for a condo was $366,101, and the average annual selling price for a multi-family in Milton was 478,508.

While Milton maintains a peaceful small town feel, easy accessibility to the city means that the culture and nightlife of Boston are just a short ride away, and because of that quick commute and access to the subway, Milton is also a great location for commuters into Boston.

Tree lined streets and historic homes are another plus of this picturesque small town, and there are wonderful outdoor experiences awaiting you in Milton including beautiful Houghton’s Pond, Cunningham Park and Pool, and Blue Hills Reservation, which offers year round activities.

The town is known for having an excellent school system with quality public and private schools. The prestigious Milton Academy private boarding school is in town as well.

Milton is also the birthplace of former U.S. President George H.W. Bush.