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Mike Sorensen

Mike Sorensen

Inside Sales Agent & Agent Recruiter



Mike began his career at Lamacchia Realty in 2010, working with countless sellers to provide them with the resources required to sell their homes for top dollar. After working as a Sales Agent at Lamacchia for almost 4 years, Mike left the company to refine his inside sales skills in the Digital Advertising world and eventually worked in the Building Science industry as part of the Mass Save program. Now back at Lamacchia Realty in the Business Development department, Mike looks forward to helping agents take the next step in growing their business and reaching their goals.


Outside of Work I Enjoy:

“Outside of work I enjoy live music with my girlfriend Lauren, spending time with family and friends, and keeping tabs on all things sports.”

Do You Have a Favorite Charity?

“My favorite charity is Community Servings/Pie in the Sky.”

Do You Have any Pets?

“I do not have any pets, but I am actively petitioning for a dog (wink wink Lauren)”

My Favorite Sports:

“I am a bruins fan to the core, so my favorite sport is hockey, however I am a die hard Boston sports fan across the board.”

Favorite Part of My Job:

“My favorite part of my job is the satisfaction we get from helping to put agents in the best position possible to reach their business and personal goals”