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Maud Crichlow

Maud Crichlow




Maud Crichlow is from Cambridge Massachusetts where she attended Cambridge Public Schools and the University of Massachusetts. She later worked for the Cambridge Hospital, Beth Israel Hospital and later The American Red Cross. After a 25 plus year career in the medical field, she attended the American Real Estate in Waltham and licensed in 2002. Her love for real estate came after purchasing a few homes herself and experienced the joy it not only brought her family, but the independence she gained after years of renting. She learned the ins and outs of home ownership and became quite resourceful of all the home ownership programs in the community and she hasn’t stopped helping families with their home buying needs since.


Outside of Work I Enjoy:

“Traveling, shopping and spending time with my grandchildren is what I live for!”

Do You Have Any Pets?

“I do not have any pets of my own, but I am surrounded by a bunch of furry animals in my family!”

Favorite Part of My Job:

“I am the eldest of a very large family with very deep roots in the Haitian community. Many of my clients are children of patients I had previously interpreted for over 25 years ago as an interpreter for Cambridge Hospital. It makes it all the more meaningful to watch them live the American Dream! Home buying can be such a stressful process and helping clients from the beginning to end is what it’s all about. Happy clients are always the end goal.”



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