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Lamacchia Realty Announces Matt Czepiel as the 2020 Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Relocation Referral Contest Winner

Lamacchia Realty is excited to announce the winner of its Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Relocation Referral Contest, Matt Czepiel! Matt first joined Lamacchia Realty’s Waltham Office in 2018.  Since then he has considerably grown his business, qualifying for President’s Club in both 2019 and 2020!

Each year, Lamacchia has various contests to both incentivize and reward its Realtors for their hard work.  The LeadingRE Relocation Contest was launched in October of 2017 and stated that whoever referred the most clients to buy or sell outside of the Lamacchia Realty coverage area would be the automatic winner to attend the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Conference in Las Vegas.

Matt, a certified Leading RE Relocation Specialist, assisted 4 clients in relocating around the country this year. He helped clients relocate to or from: Chicago, IL, Boca Raton, FL, Newark, NJ, and Charleston, SC (which is set to officially close in 2021)! In doing so he earned the winning 20 points towards this contest!

Matt is a top agent and a true asset for all of his clients, in more ways than one! He helped 4 clients purchase or sell homes all over the country. Even if he couldn’t help them personally, he was still involved and made sure they were all taken care of and in excellent hands. – Sarah Hatch, Director of Relocation 

“This year was very exciting for our outgoing referrals and even more exciting for our contest. We had several agents within 1 closing of each other to decide the winner with Matt pulling ahead at the last minute with 2 late closings. That shows just how hard our agents are working to provide great service to our clients all over the country! Congratulations to Matt and the agents that qualified for our drawing. It was a great year!!!”– Shane Bronson, Vice President of Relocation 

In addition, whoever had more than ten points was automatically entered into a drawing for a chance to win the second spot to the LRE conference in Vegas. Those who made the drawing were Tracy Long, Betty Foley, Kate Perrine, Bernard Aaron, Diane Mayo, Genevieve Botelho, Rosalee DiScipio, Ashley Bergin, AJ Bruce, Colleen Crowley, Caroline Fritz, Alex Montalto, and Bea Murphy.  The drawing was conducted this morning and the winner was Alex Montalto!

Lamacchia Realty became a member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®, a global network of market-leading independent real estate firms, in June of 2016. Since then they have dramatically grown their relocation business. Lamacchia has attended LeadingRE conferences in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019. Back in 2018, the company won the Fast Tracker Award. The Fast Tracker Award is given to companies, who in their first calendar year as affiliates of the network, generate substantial outgoing referrals. To learn more about Lamacchia Realty’s affiliation with LeadingRE, click here.

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