Over the past few years, Texas has seen a surge of new residents moving from other states. From the time period of 2005 to 2013, Texas grew by an outstanding 5.9 million people. Out of those 5.9 million people, 4.9 of them moved from other states. That is an amazing 345 PER DAY just from people moving from other states to Texas. If you are planning on joining in on the southern Texas fun, read below for some very important details.

Housing Market:

The median home value in Massachusetts is $351,500 versus the median home value in Texas of $157,700. Additionally the average house value in Boston is $480,000 versus $293,100 in Austin.  With so many people moving there, the market moves quickly.

Job Opportunities:

Texas is filled with job opportunities from their main cities of Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio to smaller cities and isolated farming towns. Throughout 2016, Texas has seen an increase in jobs every single month except for one. Massachusetts has a 8.4% unemployment rate compared to 7.6% in Texas.


When becoming a resident in Texas, you’ll need to retrieve a Texas driver’s license along with registering your car. When moving from another state, you’ll have to change your driver’s license within 90 days of establishing your residency. The car registration part of this also has to be completed within 30 days of establishing your residency. If you planning on voting, please view Texas’s voter registration page to learn about all deadlines and information.


If you are moving from Massachusetts to Texas you’ll be happy to realize that your state income tax rate will but cut to nothing! With no state income taxes, residents still have a 6.25% sales tax, and $1,441 per capita property tax.


On a day to day basis, weather may be one of the most noticeable differences between living in Texas compared to Massachusetts. If you hate the cold and snow this is the perfect move for you! The average high temperature in Austin Texas during January is 60 degrees!! But while that may sound nice, make sure that you have central air if possible during the summer because during the month of August, 96 degrees in Austin is average.

Austin Texas Versus Boston Massachusetts:

• Boston groceries 19.44% more expensive than in Austin TX
• Boston rent prices 33.53% more expensive than in Austin TX
• Boston restaurant prices 18.33% more expensive than in Austin TX