Massachusetts to Florida Relocation

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If you’re trying to beat those winter blues, Florida is the place for you! Florida is now the third most populous state in the nation, according to the 2014 Census projections. With it’s year-round amazing weather, plenty of beaches and golf courses, and who could forget Disney World, Florida is the place to live. If you’re looking to move to Florida, here are a few tips you should know.

Housing Market

The housing bubble in the early 2000’s left Florida with a large amount of newly constructed homes, which has driven down the price of single family homes. This drive makes relocating to Florida extremely affordable! The average home price is around $175,700, which is slightly less than the country’s average of $185,700.

Florida is no where near one of the 10 most expensive states, however, it does have higher home-owner costs than the average for the country. Most homeowners with a mortgage, spend between $1,000-$1,500 on selected home-owner costs per month, which is a higher percentage than the United States.

In 2005, the housing prices exceeded the national average by more than 35%. While in 2011, it had one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country. But this past May the state saw a record breaking sales! It is impossible to know how the market will be in the coming years but the recent uptick is very promising.

Helpful Hint: If you’re planning on moving to Florida, just make sure to avoid doing so in the high summer months, June-August, as the temperature can reach up to around 100 degrees.

Job Opportunities

Florida is a perfect place for career-focused individuals due to the many jobs in various locations across the state. Their economy is mostly dependent on agricultural products, such as citrus, sugar, cotton, and cattle. Although, in the past few years, there has been a large growth in industries such as tourism, construction, simulation training, international banking, aerospace & defense, commercial space travel, biomedical & life sciences, and healthcare research. The unemployment rate has been significantly dropping since 2010, and is calculated to continue to fall.


Moving from Massachusetts to Florida comes with a lot of changes, especially in the weather. Say goodbye to snowstorms and cold spells and hello to long hot and humid days. When buying a home, make sure to ask about hurricane shutters and have them inspected. Have the roof reinforced and hurricane glass installed. Also, find out if the home is in a flood zone preferably before you buy it.


Make sure you register as a Florida resident as soon as possible. Focus on your driver’s license, insurance coverage, and change of address. New residents are required to obtain a Florida driver’s license within 30 days of gaining employment, enrolling children into school, registering to vote, or filing for the homestead exemption. When registering, make sure to bring an ID, your Social Security Number, and your Residential Address.


• Residents spend less per kilowatt-hour than the national average
• With the substantial agricultural presence, the cost of groceries is lower than the country average
• There is no personal income tax or state income tax