Massachusetts COVID-19 Travel Order

Beginning August 1, 2020, all visitors and residents of Massachusetts must follow new travel orders when returning to help continue to keep COVID-19 transmission levels low. 

With this new travel order, all visitors and residents returning to Massachusetts must:

  • Complete the Massachusetts Travel Form prior to arriving in Massachusetts, unless visiting from a low-risk state, as outlined by the Department of Public Health.
  • Quarantine for 14 days or have a negative COVID-19 test within 72-hours of arriving in the state.

If a negative test result is not received prior to arriving in the state, visitors and residents must quarantine until a negative test result is received. Failure to comply with this new travel order can result in a $500 fine.

Massachusetts Travel Form

All visitors and residents visiting or returning to Massachusetts must fill out the Massachusetts Travel Form prior to arriving in the state unless they meet an exemption below:

  • Lower-Risk State: Includes visitors and returning residents coming from a COVID-19 lower-risk state.
  • Transitory Level: People who are passing through the state and permits travelers to drive through the state, connect to an airplane, bus, or train, and stop at rest stops.
  • Commuting for School or Work: Individuals that commute to work regularly outside of Massachusetts to attend work or school. Individuals must commute at least weekly. This exemption does not apply to individuals that are traveling any place that is not their home state.
  • Patients Seeking/Receiving Medical Treatment: Patients traveling to Massachusetts to seek or receive specialized medical care in the state, and any person supporting the patient.
  • Military Personnel: Any person that is required to travel to the state under the direct order of a Federal or State military official.
  • Workers Providing Critical Infrastructure Services: Individuals that come to the state to perform critical infrastructure functions are exempt from quarantine when they are communicating to, form, and when at work. For the first 14 days after arriving when the individual is not working or commuting, they must quarantine.

Lower-Risk States

The following states are considered COVID-19 lower-risk states and are not required to fill out the Massachusetts Travel Form and do not need to quarantine.

  • Connecticut
  • Hawaii
  • Maine
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont

Quarantine Requirements & Testing Options

Quarantine Requirements

All individuals entering the state of Massachusetts must quarantine for 14 days unless they meet one of the criteria below.

  • Visiting from a COVID-19 lower risk state
  • Individuals passing through the state of Massachusetts but car, train, bus, or airplane
  • Persons commuting for work or school
  • Patients seeking/receiving specialized medical treatment
  • Military personnel
  • Workers providing critical infrastructure services

Testing Options

If an individual can provide a negative COVID-19 test within 72-hours of arriving in Massachusetts, you do not need to quarantine. If you have taken a COVID-19 test and have not received a negative test result before arriving in the state, you must quarantine until you receive a negative test result.

Quarantine Requirements

When quarantining in the state of Massachusetts, individuals must:

  • Separate from people for 14 days
  • Not be in public or leave the property you are quarantining in
  • The living quarters you are quarantining in must have a separate bathroom for each individual/family group and cleaning supplies must be available in the bathroom
  • Individuals must have a way to self-quarantine from other household members
  • No other individuals must enter the living quarters
  • Individuals can only leave quarantine to receive urgent medical care
  • Individuals should be aware of potential COVID-19 symptoms
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