Marketing Your Home

To sell a home for the most amount of money, you must have a “supercharged” marketing plan. Our goal is to always attract as many buyers as possible to create as much demand on every home we list.
There is no other real estate brokerage on earth that does more to attract buyers than we do!

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A big part of our huge success in Massachusetts and New Hampshire is attributed to the extensive television advertising campaign that we have been running since 2006.  This powerful medium produces tens of millions of household impressions each and every month!!

Each year our brand continues to grow with more and more buyers and sellers contacting us looking for assistance.  Below are our most recent television ads that can be seen on all four of the major networks:

Social Media

Facebook has climbed the ladder to be one of the top ways to market, period. With its boosting capabilities, we can create photo albums of our listed properties and boost them to re-target prospects from our database, as well as, target people who are looking to buy or sell. Not only do we attract leads from the listings we post, but also from the consistent amount of educational content we feed our Facebook pages every day. We not only have a Lamacchia Realty Company page, but we also have an office Facebook page for each of our offices on which we post our listings.

Follow Us!

Our presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn further promotes our market share and therefore YOUR listing!

Photos & Video

Online advertising starts with taking the highest quality pictures to ensure that every home receives maximum exposure. Let’s face it, most agents aren’t professional photographers. An agent running around with a smartphone is far different than a professional with a state of the art camera like we use for all of our listings. Taking a picture seems easy and simple, but there is more that goes into it. Angles and lighting can make a profound difference on how a Buyer perceives your home. All of our pictures are taken by our Field Agents who are trained in professional photography.

VIDEO – statistics report that listings with virtual tours/video tours receive 87% more views than home listings without tours and that 54% of buyers skip over listings that don’t include virtual/video tours.

Interactive Floor Plans

Interactive Floor Plans increase online views by 70%.  We use them on every home we list. Only 8% of all homes listed have Floorplans so our listings really stand out. See an example of a completed virtual floor plan.

Real Estate Websites

High-quality photographs and interactive floor plans are extremely important, but they only help if the home is marketed in all the right places. A home cannot just be placed on MLS alone if the goals is massive exposure.

Sites such as and require manual updating and proper claiming of listings to achieve maximum exposure. We do this on all of our listings. There are also hundreds of other websites, both big and small, that we utilize to showcase all of our listings on.

The rising cost and workload of advertising homes online are the biggest reasons that many agents do not do it and rely solely on MLS.

Your home needs to be placed on every site possible to ensure every potential buyer is viewing your home. All of these websites will result in more demand and a higher sale price.

Reverse Prospecting

Selling a home is not only about attracting buyers but it is also about attracting agents! Our Reverse Prospecting Tool is another way we can identify buyers through their agents. Through this tool, called LamacchiaLinks, our agents can work with one another to find buyers for homes that may not even yet be listed!

As well, most sellers and many agents are unaware that MLS and many subscription-based real estate databases will allow you to target and push a listing out to agents that have buyers with criteria that match a certain listing.

Most buyers have fairly specific search criteria when searching; these tools allow our listing agents to target these buyers with email notification to their agents showcasing the home for sale.

International Real Estate Websites

Every day the world is becoming more and more connected. Over the past few years, international buyer interest in the Greater Boston vicinity continues to rise. In an effort to add convenience to their home search we have invested in International Real Estate sites that translate our listings into 12 different languages and promotes your home internationally to non-English speaking/reading buyers.

"I would like to say thank you to the Lamacchia Realty team. Their unique system of evaluating a home’s potential and designing a marketing campaign worked flawlessly. They were able to give us maximum exposure to many potential buyers. They were never too busy to answer our many questions and were quick with suggestions. We were delighted to accept an offer made the same day the property went on the market."
Elaine O.
Randolph, Massachusetts