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The Benefits of Short Term Rentals

Short-term rentals are a great way to maximize the income on your rental property.  They tend to result in less wear and tear to the property, the owners are able to use the space more flexibly, and the property pays itself off quicker due to the higher rental fees.

Being the owner of a short-term rental property requires that you provide strong customer service, quick response times, cleaning service with each turnover, and constant scheduling maintenance.  You make more, but you essentially have to do more to ensure the property is positively rated by clients.

If the income seems enticing, but your availability isn’t what it needs to be for proper service and maintenance, you should consider hiring a short-term rental manager like Lamacchia Property Management!

While it is a monthly fee to hire a manager, the freedom and reliability it provides is priceless.  You’ll no longer have to worry if the bathrooms are stocked with essentials, if the kitchen is clean, or if the sheets have been washed and put back on the beds.

Here are 5 key benefits of hiring a property manager for your short-term rental property:

1. Proximity

If you don’t live in the same area or state as the property, but a guest reports a need for immediate repair or assistance, you can rest assured that the manager will be available to care for the property and ensure a positive guest experience.

2. Customer Service

While you may be able to answer calls day and night, seven days per week, you may not want to do it.  Many people have full schedules and do not have the time to provide constant customer care.  That’s where we come in.

3. Maintenance

Similar to proximity and customer service, maintenance is essential for top dollar rental fees and positive client experiences.  Faulty fixtures and broken items throughout the property decrease the value and therefore the income you’ll bring in.

4. Scheduling

Double booking or under-booking are two situations you don’t want to get yourself into as a short-term rental property owner.  Two clients arriving at the same time is something one hopes to never experience, but vacant weekends due to an oversight are just as bad.  If the booking schedule isn’t correctly displayed and a guest’s stay isn’t properly listed, trouble is sure to arise.

5. Competitive Market Rates

Similar to hotels as well as long-term rentals, rates fluctuate due to the season and the market at the time.  Management companies monitor these trends to make sure your prices remain competitive, while also bringing in top dollar to earn you more money.

The cost for these services pay themselves off with positive client experiences, glowing reviews, referrals, and return guests.  The piece of mind knowing your guests aren’t going to run out of toilet paper or that your ski house’s oil tank won’t run dry midnight on a Friday makes it absolutely worth hiring a management team.  Their expertise lies within the ability to care for properties as if they were their own, so consider Lamacchia Property Management and get the most out of your rental property!