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Listing Conversion Course Starts September 5th

How would you like to take more salable listings?

Hundreds of agents both locally and nationally have taken this course and more than doubled their listing conversion within a month!

This course will consist of four intense weeks of training on every single step involved in signing up a listing. This course is all about improving your skills on the art of not only signing up a listing but getting it at your price and commission. How to literally walk sellers down a path from the time you first speak to them until they sign up with you. The list below explains most of what you will get out of the course.

The course will include:

  • Live streamed training, two hours per week for four weeks
  • Tried and true practices to beat your competition
  • Scripts and dialogues for every single objection you can think of from a seller
  • Getting your sellers not just willing, but excited to meet
  • Getting your appointments to stick
  • Getting a seller half sold before you arrive
  • Establishing and keeping a great relationship with your sellers
  • Controlling the focus of the listing meeting
  • Going through the listing appointment in the correct order and sequence
  • A step by step process of how to walk the seller down a path to signing up with you and eventually selling for top dollar
  • Emails used for conversion
  • All collateral materials used by Lamacchia Realty Agents
  • How to achieve fast sales for the most money
  • How to avoid common pitfalls that derail a listing sale
  • Using your listings for edge in the market
  • And much more that we cannot really list because our sellers will see it

Deadline to Reserve your Spot

You must reach out and reserve your spot by August 31st in order to be a part of the course.

Dates for the Course

Wednesday, September 5th – 12:30-2:30 – Kickoff

Wednesday, September 12th – 12:30-2:30

Wednesday, September 19th – 12:30-2:30

Wednesday, September 25th – 12:30-2:30 – Final Wrap Up

For more information about all of our Training Courses watch the video below!