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Libessa Bueno-Dupuis

Libessa Bueno-Dupuis

Administrative Assistant




Libessa Bueno-Dupuis also known as Lee is a Worcester native. She worked in the hospitality and Chiropractic industry for years where she was told repeatedly that she would be great in the real estate industry. She finally took the chance at real estate and she knew this was the industry she wanted to pursue her career in. Libessa found Lamacchia Realty, the home team she had been looking for to learn, grow and prosper with.

What Made You Want to Join Lamacchia Realty?

“I joined Lamacchia Realty because I was looking for a real estate company that I could grow with. I came in for my interview and I knew instantly this was the company I wanted to grow with. There is a certain energy and passion this company has that I have not experienced anywhere else.”

Outside of Work I Enjoy:

“I’m a huge nature girl so being outdoors, hiking or just relaxing in the sun feels like home.”

What is Your Favorite Charity?

“My favorite charities are Walks4Williams and the Autism Research Foundation. My younger brother has William syndrome and Autism.”

My Favorite Sports:

“I’m from Mass so I represent all the Boston Teams!”

Do You Have Any Pets?

“I have a bull dog named Romello.”

Favorite Part of My Job:

“My favorite thing about my job is the learning aspect. I’m new to this industry and I was looking for a place to really learn and this is defiantly the right place to do exactly that. The companies mission statement speaks volumes!”



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