Lamacchia Realty’s Worcester office sold over 100 homes in June, marking this the first time in company history that a branch office has reached this milestone in a single month!

"I am beyond privileged to work amongst such hard working and dedicated agents who made this possible. We had brand new agents closing their first sales and same seasoned agents closing over 8 sales in a month all while they adapted to the ever-changing market conditions. A big thank you to Erin Flood, who is a tremendous help in this achieving this milestone. It’s a team effort and I’m so proud of all we have accomplished… so far! There’s more to come!"

The company began serving clients in Worcester County in 2008, opened its doors with a temporary office in 2016 with original agents Michelle Wesson and Genevieve Botelho and later, Jill KosibaDeanna FaucherJohn Millen, and AJ Bruce. In 2018, 3 years ago almost to the day, the Worcester branch moved to its permanent location on West Boylston Street where they have been ever since.  In 2020, the company welcomed 46 new Realtors to the office and is on track for many more in 2021. For the last 3 years, the office has been named the #1 independent brokerage in Worcester, ranking in 2018, 2019, and 2020.

"Watching the company grow in Worcester County over the past few years has been an incredible experience and I'm proud to be part of it! Lamacchia has quickly become a household name in the area and I look forward to continued success for the company and all of the agents who work very hard for the people of the communities we serve."
"An absolutely amazing milestone for this office having rolled into Worcester 5 years ago with no office and 5 agents, it’s an impressive feat! Congratulations to our amazing agents and office staff that made it happen!"

Since it’s opening, the company has been extensively marketing to the area including a large billboard campaign that began in 2019 and still continues today. The company’s billboard presence only adds to the extensive marketing they do across the state and online, as evidence by their substantial social media following.  

This is a very exciting milestone for our company and especially for this office. I am so proud of everyone who contributed to this. But I would be remiss if I didn’t give a special shout out to Meghan Gulbicki, Erin Flood and our originals starting with Michelle Wesson, Genevieve Botelho, Jill Kosiba, John Millen, AJ Bruce and Deanna Faucher. They are all leaders who have substantially contributed to building this office into what it is today and I am grateful to them for that

Due to the explosive growth of the Worcester office and the immense amount of business agents were doing in North Central Mass, it was apparent the need to expand even further. In May 2019, the Leominster office opened its doors and immediately made a name for itself with many agents moving to the new location and other top agents joining the company.  On its first anniversary in May 2020 the office ranked #1 in market share, was named the #1 independent brokerage by firm in Leominster for all of 2019, and #1 independent brokerage by firm and office for all of 2020. This office is on track to have it’s biggest year yet.

Lamacchia Realty has been serving Worcester and the surrounding markets for years, providing a high level of service to buyers and sellers.  In addition to the company’s aggressive marketing strategies and unique programs for buyers and sellers, including their newly announced Offer Now Profit Share program, Lamacchia also offers several unique products, services, and tools for its Realtors.  On average, agents that join Lamacchia grow their business by 318% in their first year!