The latest innovation to come out of Lamacchia Realty is the Agent Field Service program which started earlier this year and until now has remained unannounced. This new service has changed the game for its agents who, despite their best efforts, cannot be in more than one place at a time. The Agent Field Service program is staffed by REALTORS® whose entire job is to provide excellent service to the REALTORS® at Lamacchia who need more help managing their client’s needs, sometimes on a one-off occasion and more often for top agents. These services range from attending showings and open houses to home inspections, smoke certificates or even doing random transactional related errands. Above all, this service enables Lamacchia REALTORS® to get their clients in to see properties faster, giving them a leg up in this challenging market.

This service is currently being offered to Lamacchia REALTORS® in Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Connecticut and will soon be available in South Florida. One of our REALTORS®, Matt Czepiel, has been using this new service and openly shares his experience:

Field Agent Services has been a game changer for me as my business has grown. It feels like I'm doing less work even though I'm selling more houses. They cover showings, smoke inspections, checking running, and anything else you can think of. It's allowed me to focus more on servicing clients and handling the important tasks. It's also allowed me to spend more time with my family and friends and less time putting out fires. The one-off showings getting covered on a week night or weekend day I was hoping to take off are worth their weight in gold and keep me from getting burnt out. Field agents will allow me to continue to scale my business without needing to add or train team members.

The program currently consists of three experienced and respected REALTORS®: Patricia Kosiba, Melissa O’Neil, and Kathleen Wright. These REALTORS®, with the title of Field Service Agents, have been full time employees who drive company cars and serve the agents and their clients since earlier this year. As of October 2022, William Mahoney and Adam Pasciscia also joined the team.

“I am so excited to officially announce this program that has already given our agents the ability to sell more homes and simultaneously service their client’s needs when they couldn’t physically be available.”
“I have enjoyed implementing and overseeing the launch of this service since it started back in February. It is truly a game-changer for productive agents as it allows for seamless coverage of necessary tasks related to a home sale. It enables agents to focus on more productive activities or even to get away for personal time."

We know of no other brokerage that offers its agents such a service. For years REALTORS® have been known to set up coverage through other REALTORS® in their company, but it is often inconsistent and at times unreliable which can leave a REALTOR® frustrated and giving them a feeling of being totally on their own in business.  While Agent Field Services comes with a cost, that’s why it is so dependable, and in turn, working out so well for Lamacchia’s agents.

“Agent Field Services is working out very well for our REALTORS®, and equally as important, for their clients.  This service is giving our REALTORS® the ability to create an advantage for their clients that is impossible to create at any other company. I also want to thank Angela for her vision and Gerry for his execution in making this a reality.  It was a risk for us to launch due to all the upfront expenses, but we knew our adoption among our REALTORS® would be high so we went for it and it’s nice to see it work out. We have much bigger plans with this, and we are excited to get them going”.

The company’s mission is to guide REALTORS®, employees, and clients to their success. Lamacchia provides industry-leading training, support, systems, and technology to its agents so they can reach their fullest potential and best serve their clients. In addition to the company’s tools for REALTORS®, Lamacchia offers unique programs for buyers and sellers, including their Offer Now program along with aggressive marketing strategies.  Just recently, Anthony opened up about his goals and vision for the company in the series Real Talk with Anthony Lamacchia. While more will be unveiled in the episodes to come, one thing is for certain; the company’s success is driven by the success of its agents.