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Lamacchia Talks About Keys to Selling Your Home on FOX25 Morning News

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It is a buyer’s market, and for homeowners looking to sell, that may not necessarily sound like good news yet new numbers say home sales are up. Anthony Lamacchia from Lamacchia Realty says the key to getting that sold sign in the front yard centers on a few resources, a little elbow grease and not panicking. Inevitably when you live in the house for a long time there are things that have been on your to-do list like getting rid of clutter and taking care of repairs, these should be done now.

One of the things I always tell sellers is to walk through your house as if you were a buyer and not as if it were your home. And don’t over think it, you read about the fundamentals like cutting down on hanging too many pictures, too much clutter, the obvious fixes, but don’t go too crazy. Just make sure fundamentals are taken care of, a throw rug is put somewhere, a lamp is positioned correctly.

Do you need a stager? I hear about them all the time. I imagine they’re wildly expensive.

They’re not wildly expensive and you don’t necessary need a stager, unless you have a high end home or you don’t know how to get your home looking just right, but generally speaking just remember to organize, declutter, hire the right agent, and price the home right and it will sell.

Let’s talk about pricing because people look at their mortgage and they look at that amount plus a little bit to cover costs but you can’t do that in this market , can you?

You can ‘t just look at what’s active on the market, you need to look at what has actually sold and what comparable properties are selling for. If you price it to sell, and it will sell. It’s not uncommon for a home to sell within the first month if it’s done correctly. Don’t think that buyers will always offer a lot less than your asking price. If your home is priced correctly buyers will see the value and make a good offer right away.

Some homeowners think they need to overprice in order to have some room for negotiating so that they can make more money. This actually allows the opposite to take place. Buyers don’t like to look at overpriced property and will not even view the property if the price is off.

I recently saw a neighbor who put up a sign for sale by owner, but that’s not the best idea in this market is it?

Many cases people are doing it because they owe 200,000 and they realize it’s worth 210,000 and don’t think there’s room for a commission. So they overprice, which never works. And selling it on your own almost never works.

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