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Lamacchia Realty Sells First Home for Free under its Sold in 32 days Program!

Sold in 32 Days Lamacchia Realty

Exciting news from Anthony Lamacchia, this week the Lamacchia Team honored their Sold in 32 days guaranteed sale program and sold their first home for free! That’s right, for free! Lamacchia Realty launched this unique seller program on January 23, 2015. It was very popular and created a lot of interest with sellers all across Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire; many of which did choose to participate in this program. This bold guaranteed sales program has been a great success!

“I am delighted to have just sold this house for free. Honestly, I am shocked that it took this long to have a home that needed longer than 32 days to sell considering we launched the program back in January 2015. We had budgeted to have a few homes sell for free this summer but the hot spring market combined with the extensive marketing we do for every home we list was so effective that everything we listed under the program sold in less than 32 days,” said Anthony Lamacchia.

This particular home was listed on September 21st and took 38 days to get an accepted offer and it closed last Friday. Since it was under the Sold in 32 day program no commission was paid to Lamacchia Realty at closing.
“We could not have been happier with the Sold in 32 days program! We found our new house before our current home was even on the market. We knew our house would sell quickly if it was done well right from the beginning, so this program was a natural fit. We hoped for an offer every day the first 28 days, and then we hoped to not get one! Day 38 came and our house was under agreement. The team at Lamacchia never stopped trying and treated us with the exact same kindness and professionalism even though they were not getting paid. We cannot believe we are the first ones to not sell in 32 days, but it was sure worth the 6 extra days to have cash in our pocket to bring to our new house! Trust us when we tell you, you truly have nothing to lose; only time and money to gain! Thank you Anthony and your dedicated team!” stated Sonya and Ethan.

Lamacchia Realty plans to begin offering the program again after the New Year and expects to offer it to even more home sellers in 2016 than in 2015.

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