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Lamacchia Realty Sells Second Home for FREE under its Sold in 32 Days Program!

Tari Stoeckelmann with Anthony Si32 2nd Home for FreeEarlier today Lamacchia Realty once again honored its Sold in 32 Days Program and sold a second home for FREE. Lamacchia Realty launched this very popular program in January of 2015. December was the first time a home was actually sold and no commission was paid to Lamacchia Realty. It happened again today with a home in Northborough that was listed for 65 days.
The homeowner was very happy with the program and the quality of service she received.

“I elected to use your Sold in 32 Days Program because it suited my needs. My house did not sell during that period so I was now in a situation where I owed no commission on the listing side. Now, here is the part that really impressed me. Once I was in the situation of owing no commission, the incredible service never wavered! I have been recommending you to everyone! Krissy Axon, my Listing Agent, was top notch!”

Tari S., Northborough, MA


“We were happy to offer and honor this program for Tari. She is a wonderful client like so many more that we have had over the years. We will always stand by this program for any home seller who uses it,” said Anthony Lamacchia.

Lamacchia Realty is currently offering the Sold in 32 Days Program for a limited time. It is not used on every home listed by the company and is an optional program. It is a great fit for some but not for others. For more information on this program click here to log onto


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