Lamacchia Realty Offers Assumable Mortgage Services

Assuming a home seller’s mortgage while buying their home is the key to getting a 2-4% mortgage interest rate. Lamacchia Realty’s growing seller database and LamacchiaLinks system are now able to connect sellers who have highly desirable low-rate assumable mortgages with active buyers.

With current mortgage rates now lingering around the 7% range, sellers working with Lamacchia Realty can often leverage their low-rate mortgages to sell their homes for a premium.  When a buyer assumes a seller’s mortgage, they are now able to not only find a home they want but also have the option to assume the seller’s low-rate mortgage often times between 2-4%.

"We are back to a real estate market where who you hire matters. Expertise really matters. As an example, most Buyers and even Realtors don’t realize there are opportunities right now to buy a home with a 2-4% interest rate. Mortgage assumptions are one of those ways that a buyer can get what they want and a home with a mortgage they can afford. Buyers who work with the Realtors at Lamacchia Realty will have the best chance to pull this off because we can educate them about this as a potential option they may qualify for. A decade ago, when short sales were abundant Lamacchia Realty worked closely with mortgage servicers to find creative solutions for its buyers and sellers. Since the summer we have been gearing up to do the same exact thing again with Mortgage Assumptions and other methods we see coming as we get further into next year."

An assumable mortgage allows a seller to transfer their existing mortgage with the same rate and terms to a buyer and sell the buyer the home.  This process benefits the buyer and the seller in the real estate transaction for different reasons and has been refined to address the needs of Lamacchia’s current buyers and sellers navigating the changing real estate market as mortgage rates rise and diminish buyer affordability.  Lamacchia Realty will educate their clients about this as an available option if they qualify for it with their lender.

Lamacchia Realty has been committed since its inception to serving buyers and sellers with cutting-edge services that adjust with the market to address their client’s needs.  This growing database of homes with assumable mortgages using our patented LamacchiaLinks system is just another example of how connections can be made.

From 2008 to 2013, Lamacchia Realty completed over 1,800 short sales on behalf of its home sellers. During those years some of the Lamacchia Realty leadership team members became experts in negotiating with mortgage servicers and government sponsored enterprises such as Housing and Urban Development. The expertise and the contacts made at that time will be extremely beneficial to the work that the company does with Mortgage Assumptions over the next couple of years.

Anthony briefly explains Assumable Mortgages in the video below. You can also visit our information page by clicking here on  From there you can see a breakdown of how assumable mortgages work, the benefits to sellers and buyers, and even find out more information about potentially adding yourself to this free, no-obligation, proprietary database.

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