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Lamacchia Realty Launches picLamacchia Realty Inc. launches an online home evaluation website for Massachusetts and New Hampshire homeowners.  This website will fulfill the desire of many to get a rough idea of their homes value.  Homeowners can simply log onto, fill in some brief information about their home and they will immediately be provided with an estimation of their homes value.

I am excited to have launched this as it’s a great way for homeowners to get an idea of what their home is worth and some local market information in just seconds,” said Anthony Lamacchia Broker/Owner.

The automated system that creates this estimated value is a third party company.  It provides a range with a low, middle, and high estimate and is usually within 10-15% of the home’s true value. The value is based on recent homes sales, and tax records. The system has no way of knowing any positive or negative unique features of a home such as a new kitchen, baths or if the home is in disrepair.

“We are certainly not claiming that this tool will always provide an exact value. We encourage home sellers to use this as a first step to get an idea of their homes selling price. After that, we are happy to work with them to provide them with a full market analysis” stated Lamacchia.

Log on to to give it a try.