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April 2024- Lamacchia Realty Fort Lauderdale announced the release of their Sold in 32 Days program for Florida home sellers on TV. This highly successful program, with its original inception in 2015 in Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire, will now be offered for those currently trying to sell their homes in Florida and want to do so in under 32 days. 

This program guarantees in writing that if the home doesn’t sell in under 32 days at a price acceptable to the seller, there will be no commission due to Lamacchia Realty when the home does sell. 

This program was originally created to help sellers list and sell their homes fast.  The faster a home sells the more it sells for, and as it’s Lamacchia Realty’s mission to guide clients to their success, this program is perfect for the South Florida market.  South Florida, like the rest of the nation, is undergoing a market adjustment but this region in particular is experiencing longer days on market for both single families and condo/townhomes.  Usually when that happens, sellers must price adjust down to attract more buyers.  If the home sells fast, however, there is no need to change the price and the home will sell for top dollar.

Sales have been down year over year in South Florida which has boosted inventory. This can largely be attributed to higher mortgage rates, the insurance crisis as well as the stricter condo regulations which have made it more expensive to build and maintain associations.  Current condo owners as a result are listing faster now compared the past few years. More inventory means sellers may be the ones competing for the first time since before the pandemic and this program is created to help those sellers sell for more money.

Lamacchia Realty offers multiple selling programs as well as the Sold in 32 Days, such as Sell without Listing, and the traditional sale.  There is no obligation to use this program, contact us to meet with a REALTOR and determine which selling process is right for you.

Lamacchia Realty has been serving buyers and sellers since 2006.  As a full-service, value-based brokerage, the company’s mission is to guide REALTORS®, employees, and clients to their success. Lamacchia offers an array of distinctive lead products, services, and tools to its agents.  The training, systems, technology, and marketing that Lamacchia Realty offers its REALTORS® are second to none, and the word is spreading. REALTORS® have everything they need to expertly market their listings and make the buying and selling process stress-free for their clients.

**Additional qualifications apply. This is a specific program, and it does not apply to every home listed by Lamacchia Realty.

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