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Lamacchia Realty Creates Loyalty Recognition

At the company-wide Thompson Island event on August 1, 2019 Lamacchia Realty launched a Loyalty Recognition Program to recognize all of the people who have been with the Company five or more years. The Company, which is now well into it’s tenth year, is known for high retention rate and agent longevity. Many agents and staff members attribute their loyalty to the Company’s supportive culture and an overall workplace enjoyment.  They feel the company supports them and wants them to do their best. Due to agent and staff loyalty, the Company has decided to recognize each person’s five and ten year milestones going forward. Future awards will be given out at the annual summer event on Thompson Island.

“Given the fact that 2019 marks a decade as an independent brokerage, I thought launching this loyalty program was somewhat overdue. The fact is agents and staff have choices and they choose to be with us for our ride to the top means a lot to me and I appreciate them all for it.”  – stated Anthony Lamacchia CEO Lamacchia Realty .

At this time there are 19 staff members and agents who have been with the company for five or more years!

Here is a list starting with the Realtors:

Alex Montalto – 9 years

Maggie Ray – 6 years

Chrissy O’Toole – 6 years

Melissa Deane – 6 years

Joselin Malkhasian – 6 years

Kristen Meleedy – 6 years

Walter Harrington – 6 years

Darlene Umina – 5 years

Michelle Wesson – 5 years

Stacy Travers – 5 years

Agent Loyalty Awards were given to each agent as well as money to put towards marketing efforts in the form of postcards and ads.

Several staff and management team members have been with the company for over five years.

Those staff members are:

Sarah Chaisson – Vice President of Finance was Anthony’s first employee back in 2004 and has been with the company for 14 years.

Mike McGrory – Vice President of Property Acquisitions and Development started at Lamacchia Realty in 2008 making this his 11th year with the company.

Angela Walker – Vice President of Operations has just reached her 10-year milestone.

Jackie Louh – Vice President of Business Development began working at Lamacchia Realty in 2010 making this her 9th year with the company.

Dave Karoly – Vice President of Sales started with Lamacchia Realty back in 2010 making this his 9th year with the company.

Adam Pasciscia – Senior Field Agent and Property Manager started back in 2010 so he is in the midst of his 9th year.

Sabrina McGrory – Manager of Operations started back in 2012 and is in her 7th year at the company.

Kim Beaulieu – Woburn Office Manager started back in 2012 and is in her 7th year.

Lauren DiStefano – Business Manager and Lead Executive Assistant to Anthony Lamacchia started in in 2012 and is also in her 7th year.

Hear Their Thoughts on Why They Stay

Lamacchia Realty sincerely appreciates the loyalty shown by these staff members and agents and are truly grateful for their time with the company. As a company, teamwork is essential and there is no lack of hard work and dedication given by these individuals over the years.

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