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Lamacchia Realty Announces Safety Initiative for Realtors

Today, Anthony Lamacchia announced an entire 3-month Safety Initiative for all Realtors at the Company.  The company’s Leadership Team has become increasingly concerned about the safety of their Realtors after seeing and hearing stories of Realtors being attacked or having issues while showing homes all over the country.

The most recent story that hit the news was what pushed Anthony over the edge when a female Realtor was violently pushed off a front porch of a home in California.  Click here to watch.  After this disturbing video of the female Realtor being pushed went viral in September, Anthony had filmed two separate videos to update the public and give Realtors tips on how to be safer and more aware.

This video was for the public to have a better understanding of the safety concerns Realtors have, click to watch.

And this video was geared towards Realtors about ways they could stay safe, click to watch.

Since that story aired, Lauren Distefano, Business Manager and Lead Assistant to Anthony has been working with Anthony researching and developing an entire Safety Initiative that will now be executed over the next 90 days.  The Initiative consists of four separate Self-Defense classes, visits from safety professionals and additional training, safety measures and resources provided by the company, all of which are free to every agent in the company.

“There is absolutely nothing more important to me than the safety of our Agents when they are out in the field everyday meeting with people they often have never met before, sometimes in vacant homes.  Nothing would bother me more than something happening to one of our agents so I’m trying to ensure we are being as proactive as possible to prevent anything from ever happening. I appreciate the involvement of Mike Gibbs, Police Chief Matt Pinard and District Attorney Marion Ryan.”  -Anthony Lamacchia, Broker/Owner of Lamacchia Realty

The self-defense classes will be taught by Mike Gibbs, Realtor at Lamacchia Realty and owner of MVP Kick Boxing in Fitchburg.  Anthony recently visited Mike at his facility to discuss the curriculum and train with him.  Two of the classes will take place at Mike’s gym in Fitchburg and two of the classes will be held in Newton at the Nonantum Boxing Club where Mike will come down to teach.  The classes will be taking place in December and January.

Lamacchia Realty is also purchasing safety accessories in bulk from InvisiWear so that the agents can purchase and wear the accessories for an added layer of security.  These accessories can be programmed to alert an emergency contact of their location with the click of a conspicuous button that looks like a piece of jewelry or a key chain.

On December 4th, District Attorney Marion Ryan will be visiting Lamacchia Realty for a second time after coming out a couple of years ago to lead a seminar about safety, situational awareness and preventative measures with our Agents.

In addition, in January of 2020 Chief of the Littleton Police Department will also be visiting Lamacchia Realty again to discuss safety, situational awareness and how to properly work with your local police department if you have any type of concern or issue.

Lamacchia Realty prides itself on providing top-notch training for its agents on everything from Sales to Contract and Legalities to now Safety.  This initiative is a first for the company and it will run over the course of 90 days.  It will be something the company runs annually.

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