Lamacchia Realty Announces Listing Course in December

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November 17th, 2017 – Lamacchia Realty is kicking off their Listing Course that they run a few times a year which is going to start on December 6th and end on Dec 20th.  It’ll be three intense weeks of training to better agents’ skills in what to do with a listing lead from when it comes into the time it closes, walking their sellers through the process step by step.  A list of some of the things we will go over is below:

  • Tried and true practices to beat your competition
  • Getting your appointments to stick
  • Getting your sellers not just willing but excited to meet
  • Establishing and keeping a great relationship with your sellers
  • Controlling the focus of the listing meeting
  • Receive a step by step process of how to walk your sellers down the path of a sale
  • All the emails that an agent should use throughout the home selling process
  • How to achieve fast sales for the most money
  • How to avoid common pitfalls that derail a listing sale
  • Using your listings for edge in the market
  • And much more that we cannot really list because our sellers will see it!

The course will be run by Anthony Lamacchia, broker/owner of Lamacchia Realty, who back when he was selling from 2004-2010, was signing up and selling over 100 listings a year.  As well as the Director of Sales, Mike McGrory, and Sales Manager, Dave Karoly, who’ve each signed up and sold over a thousand listings.  Mike, Dave, and Anthony regularly train Lamacchia Realty agents and are considered experts both with their track records but also as professional REAL Training course leaders, teaching agents how to get leads to sign up on the spot.

Lamacchia Realty is also offering these trainings to agents nationally outside of New England, as announced in a press release in late October.  If you’re interested in learning more about Lamacchia Realty’s REAL Training & Systems Program, please contact us by clicking here.