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Lamacchia Realty Announces Guaranteed Transaction Program for Agents

New Program guarantees agents 12 sales in their first 12 months.

Waltham MA, Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire Real Estate Brokerage Lamacchia Realty put out a bold offer today to real estate agents who truly want to jump start their businesses for 2016. It is an industry game changing program for real estate agents called “The 12-12 Guaranteed Transaction Program”. This innovative program guarantees that any agent who is a part of the “12-12” program will sell a minimum of 12 homes in their first 12 months with the company or the company will pay the agent $5,000. Anthony is specifically seeking action oriented agents for his personal team, who crave REAL Training, and who are absolutely committed to treating client’s right and increasing their sales.

“The goal for my team is to continue to add more energetic, enthusiastic, self-starter agents to effectively handle the tremendous volume of buyer leads we forecast for 2016. Top notch service is imperative to me so these additional agents are vital to ensure that our client service remains at the highest level,” said Anthony Lamacchia.

Lamacchia Realty provides consistent, intense ongoing weekly training to all of its agents. They have developed a specific step by step system over the years as a result of the company’s vast experience working first hand with thousands of buyers and sellers. This training program has been tested and has proven to be successful for many agents. This repeatable system gives the company the tools to guide agents down a guaranteed path to success.

“I have no problem offering this kind of guarantee because we have had many agents over the years that have come into our system applied themselves and sold a lot more than twelve homes in their first year”, said Lamacchia. This program is available for a limited time and to a select amount of agents.

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Lamacchia Team Agent Testimonials:
“Working as a Buyer Agent for the Lamacchia Team over the last three years has been one of my most rewarding experiences professionally, financially and personally. I started my Real Estate career at Lamacchia Realty knowing very little about the industry. Lamacchia Realty gave me the tools necessary to become a successful Realtor.

They consistently provide me with quality leads, but more importantly they taught me how to convert those leads into clients. I am also continuously trained on how to manage clients’ needs and expectations for a smooth process, in turn allowing more sales to be made. Lamacchia Realty is able to do this by providing weekly, interactive trainings that range from industry updates to lead conversion. This enables me to stay ahead of the market and excel in competition amongst other companies. As a Lamacchia Team agent, I have been provided with their custom client management system on Salesforce. This system keeps me in constant contact with my prospects and clients which guarantees me a successful Real Estate career. Through Lamacchia Realty I have been able to cultivate relationships with other industry professionals such as mortgage lenders and real estate attorneys. I have also had the pleasure of forming relationships with clients. These relationships have resulted in repeat and referral business. I believe in the Lamacchia Realty system. By following the Lamacchia Realty system I went from selling just under $4 million in sales in my first year to $10 million of sales in year two, tripling my gross income. With each passing year, I have earned more income than the year before. The system works!”- Joselin Malkhasian

“I’ve been a Realtor for over 14 years. Lamacchia Realty has helped me grow in ways that I could have never imagined. The commission I’ve earned in 2015 surpasses any previous year during my career. I attribute my success to the training and support offered. Joining Lamacchia Realty was a decision I made while I was struggling to “get by” in the business, and it’s a decision that I will never regret!” – Michelle Wesson

*Additional Qualifications Apply – Not available in all areas.

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