At the company-wide 2023 Kick Off event on Thursday, February 9th, Anthony Lamacchia announced the reinvigoration of the company’s Top Producer program, which will now be called the “Top Producer Circle”.  To qualify, Lamacchia Realty REALTORS® must sell at least 20 homes or $9 million in sales volume in a calendar year to be recognized as a Top Producer. Recipients of this accolade will receive higher recognition through social media and more, along with a night out to Encore Boston with fellow Top Producer Circle members to celebrate their dedication and success!

Being considered a Top Producer and celebrating with an annual luncheon has been instituted at Lamacchia Realty for many years however, the Top Producer Circle will come with additional recognition and a night out instead of a luncheon. This is not to be confused with the company’s President’s Club, which is an even higher level of recognition for those who close at least 33 transactions or $16 million in sales volume in a year.

"We decided to up our game with the Top Producer Circle because closing 20 transactions or more in a year is at least five times what the average REALTOR does, and we wanted to appropriately recognize that. Being a Top Producer is a significant achievement and we wanted to celebrate these highly talented REALTORS in the best way possible.”
"This is a challenging industry, no matter the market, and I am thrilled that these REALTORS® are getting the additional recognition they deserve! Completing at least 20 transactions or $9 million in sales volume is a HUGE feat that should be celebrated! I love that we as a company are taking the time to recognize those who have worked hard for it. Congratulations to this year's Top Producer Circle!"

The executive team has been discussing ways to show more recognition to the REALTORS® who serve so many clients so well throughout the year, and we are excited to finally be able to do so with the redevelopment of this program.

Lamacchia Realty’s mission is to guide REALTORS® to their success by providing industry-leading trainingsupportsystems, and technology to its agents so they can reach their fullest potential. The company’s growth is fueled by its formula of offerings to its REALTORS® which includes an array of unique lead productsservices, and tools. In addition, the training and marketing that Lamacchia Realty offers are second to none. REALTORS® have everything they need to grow their businesses at their fingertips. To learn more about what the REALTORS® at Lamacchia think of the company watch this video from our “Get More with Lamacchia” video series by clicking here.